Rici and Heni’s Wedding

May 17, 2014 was Rici and Heni’s wedding.  Rici was baptized in 2012 – before we came on our mission.  His parents embraced the Gospel before he did and they are leaders in the Buda Ward.  He was not too active in our YSA until 2013, when he became extremely active and involved about the time when Levente returned from his mission. They became good friends.  He thought about going on a mission, but he had to turn in his papers before he turned 25.  About that same time he met Henrietta, a beautiful girl from Miscolc.  That was the end of the mission plans!  He was also called to be the Mission Leader in the Buda Ward, quite a demanding calling for someone so young in the Gospel.

After Panni’s baptism, Viki, Lavi, Adri, Andras and Evalin, who came up from Szeged for the wedding, and the Felsteds traveled by the metro to Pest Ward to help decorate.  Heni and Rici wanted the same colors and decorations as Livi and Zoli’s wedding, so they were recycled – in a slightly different form!  So resourceful!

The Hivatal in Budaörs is very new.

The Hivatal in Budaörs is very new and modern.  (Sister Bagozzi up front)

Some of the YSA - a large portion from Miscolc.

Some of the YSA who attended – a large portion from Miscolc.

The wedding couple arrive at the Hivatal.

The wedding couple arrive at the Hivatal.

Rici is waiting for his bride to enter the room.

Rici is waiting for his bride to enter the room.

Our side was waiting, too.

Our side was waiting, too.

Heni, brought in by her father with Rici's little sister, the flower girl.

Heni, brought in by her father with Rici’s little sister, the flower girl.

Lighting the family candle.

Lighting the family candle after being pronounced man and wife.

After wedding picture found on Heni's FB page.

After wedding picture found on Heni’s FB page.  The Miscolc YSA are extremely close.

Then we drove over to the Pest Ward Building (also known as the International Ward and also the Stake Building) for the after wedding festivities…

Beautiful couple.

Beautiful couple.

Heni found her dress at a rental shop.  It was for sale for less than to rent.  That was a wonderful blessing!!!  She had Sister Hauck add the straps to the dress – and it turned out so beautiful!

I never did find out the significance of this wedding cake...

I never did find out the significance of this wedding cake…

Rici's father talking to Heni's parents.

Rici’s father talking to Heni’s parents.

Both set of parents are members of the Church.  So Rici and Heni will be a second generation family.  Super, since the Church is only 20 years old in Hungary!

We danced a bit...

We danced a bit…

At one point they had couples come up to dance and then asked everyone married less than 1 year sit down.  Then 5 years, then 10 years… Of course, we were left at the end – having been married nearly 52 years.  Then they asked for advice!  We were put on the spot!  Elder Felsted deferred to me and I said “Stay close to Heavenly Father and your marriage will thrive!”  I think they were hoping for more but Elder Felsted did not add anything else, so that is all they got!

This was Heni’s cute going away dress…

Heni and Rici and friend.

Heni and Rici and friend.

I went to both their FB pages to get some of these pictures….

10336655_318765374946745_1631117325167204653_nAnd found this picture…


Wonderful news!!!  Another beautiful new family in Hungary.

How blessed we are to have  associated with these choice spirits of our loving Heavenly Father.


Panni’s Baptism

Panni was invited to a Book of Mormon Open House that the Pest Ward had in the summer of 2013.  Viki invited her after making a list of names of acquaintances and praying about who she should invite.  Panni accepted but with the conditions that the missionaries did not proselyte her.  Viki agreed to tell the missionaries not to try to contact her… which she did.  However, Panni’s curiosity got the better of her and she attended a ward meeting.  There were friends there that she knew and soon she was meeting with the missionaries and doing English classes.  She brought another friend, Kriszti to English classes and that is another story…

We were present in the building when they were having their missionary discussions and since they were YSA age we were interested in them.  However, there seem to be something special about Panni and Kirszti for us.  They both seem to be special young women and they seem to love us, too!  Even though they did not speak much English, we communicated through love.

Kirszti got baptized Nov 1, 2013 and Panni was originally planning to be baptized on Dec 6, 2013.  However, she changed her mind and wanted to wait until this summer.  We were sad to think we would not be there at her baptism, but she did not want us to pressure her!  So we sadly said, OK!  However, in April she called us at our apartment and said I have some news, can you guess what it is?  Elder Felsted said … Is something changing?  And then she told us that she would be baptized Friday evening May 16, 2014.  We were very excited!  We planned on having FEFest in the Kispest Ward that evening so our YSA could be there to support her!  (Both she and Kriszti live within the Kispest Ward boundaries and attended there before their baptisms.)

IMG_7029Elder Ekstrom baptized her but she went through several sets of missionaries in the months preceding her baptism.

Kriszti and Panni

Kriszti and Panni

Quite a feast...

Quite a feast…

The Kispest Ward is known for putting on a fabulous feast when new members are baptized.  Kriszti is a professional cook and actually helped with this food.  However, we brought food, too, since many of our YSA attended this function.  (The prettiest sandwiches were made by Kriszti, though.)  But the famous Felsted brownies are always a big hit at these functions!!!

Panni and her mother with us.

Panni and her mother with us.

Panni is an only child and lives with her parents.  We really loved her mother, too!

It all started with Viki's invitation...

It all started with Viki’s invitation…

These young women certainly radiate the Love of Christ – or as Alma so powerfully states:

14 And now behold, I ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?

19 I say unto you, can ye look up to God at that day with a pure heart and clean hands? I say unto you, can you look up, having the image of God engraven upon your countenances?

These experiences were some the highlights of our mission!!!