Flushing in Hungary

IMG_2398I know this is a weird posting; but since I first arrived in Hungary I have noticed some unique flushing mechanisms. One of our senior missionary friends had some reservations about the cute children pictures at the beginning and end of the post, so I delayed posting it until we were home.

Right before we left our home, the flushing mechanism of the toilet off our kitchen failed!  This happens to be a “Gucci” toilet (came with the house) and the ordinary Lowe’s or Home Depot equipment would not fix it.  A local plumber recommended just replacing the whole toilet, which seemed ridiculous to us; so we eventually found someone in Florida (thanks to the Internet) who might have the part!  Of course, we had to take pictures of the insides of the toilet tank – several times, email them to him, also pictures of the toilet tank lid, which had the toilet model number …. You get the picture.  Eventually, and for a price, we got the parts and replaced the parts.  (It would have been cheaper to just replace the toilet!!!)  Our toilets have a push mechanism but it is on the side where American toilets usually have a handle.  Sort of ackward to use!  So maybe this is why I am fascinated with the new-to-us mechanisms here.  I like them better than what we have back home!

IMG_2335So this is the kind that we had at the hotel we stayed at when we first arrived.  It is built into the wall, so I am assuming there is a tank behind the wall?  You could push either the little circle or the bigger circle… there are many variations on this theme.

IMG_2516Another style of in the wall flushing mechanism….

IMG_0229My sister in California says she has a button type flush.

IMG_0414So where is the tank on this one???

IMG_2543Another push mechanism – this is in our apartment.  Notice how thin the tank is, too!

IMG_2540This old fashioned tank was VERY high up on the wall behind the toilet and I could not find it at first. Who, in this age, would think to look up 6 feet to find a tank that high?  In this bathroom, the tub, the toilet, the bidet and the tank were all this wonderful turquoise color – height of style in the 70s??

Here is another one high up on the wall.  This one was in a restaurant.  You can tell how far up it is – I am 5’4″ and I had to really look up to get this picture!


Here is a unique style… you turn the knob/dial/faucett until the water flushes things away and then you have to turn it off?!  Prefer the push buttons..


IMG_0416I know this is not a flushing mechanism but look at this “shelf” toilet.  The hole is in the front – and there is a ledge where material is deposited… Now really, what a totally unique? design!

And the other thing that I loved was the teeny tiny sinks in many of these small bathrooms.  Here is one – at a ward building.  I put my phone on it to show the size.


A smaller than this sink was put into a shower room that was added to our apartment while we were there.  If I can find my picture, I will add it later!

And that is the end of my posting…  the little kids were on bathroom doors at a restaurant.


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