Talks in Békéscsaba

We were assigned to talk in Békéscsaba (pronounced Bake-kash-chah-bah) on Sunday Feb 10th.  Sacrament meeting was at 3 PM, with SS following.  We left at 11:30 AM because our google map said it was 3 hours away.  AND since it was snowing, we wanted to make sure that we made it.  Felsted Elder had emailed the Branch President (a native Hungarian, who is serving a mission in Hungary) to let him know we were coming.

The first half our our 200 km trip was on freeway.  The second half was on roads like the one below.  It went through many little towns and villages, past farmland, orchards, etc.

IMG_0586Although it snowed nearly the whole way down, the roads were not icy.

IMG_0589Orchards along the road – have no clue what kind of trees – maybe peaches?

IMG_0611What I have been saying is this is obvious housing built during the Soviet occupation.  Not sure how accurate it is, but this style of plain, block shaped buildings are all over the place in Budapest, outlying suburbs and little towns, too!  Not sure what town this was in.

There is also a lot of very colorful paint on businesses and homes.  Here are a few:

IMG_0614IMG_0615IMG_0617IMG_0620We arrived at the Békéscsaba Chapel about 2:30 PM and rested a bit in the car before going into the building.  Cute stand-alone building.  Modern and up-dated.  Drive in place for the few cars there (2 – plus our mission car parked next door). Also place for bicycles.  On a main road near the center of the town.

IMG_0631We saw that the Hurlberts were there!  They just arrived in Hungary the previous Sunday and are living in Szeged, about 1.5 hours southwest of Békéscsaba; but they are taking over where the Adams left off!  Sister Hurlbert led the singing and Brother Hurlbert passed the sacrament.  Two sets of Elder Missionaries (one being the Branch President), the Hurlberts and the Felsteds, and eight women in attendance (two were young women).  Pretty small group; but we do not know if there were more members who were not in attendance that day.  One of the Elders told me that they have some men investigators.  Priesthood holders are sometimes rare in these little branches. Why do men often have problems with religion?

Our talks went fine.  It is amazing to us how much more comfortable we are feeling with pronouncing Hungarian words these days.  So I guess we are improving somewhat.  Due to the weather conditions, we did not stay for the following meeting.  It was dark when we returned home to the still-snowing weather in Budapest.


Goodbye to the Adams

One of our senior missionary couples left Feb 6th and the Felsteds, the Smiths and the Carpenters went out to dinner with them before they left.  The Adams ran the YSA program in Szeged and also helped with the Szeged and Békescsaba branches.  They were just replaced by the Hurlberts.

IMG_0547We went to a little restaurant at the base of the castle district.  Sister Smith was checking it out for our upcoming Senior Missionary Conference.  I guess you would call it an Italian restaurant and everyone seemed to like the food.  The Adams are in the middle on the right side of the picture.  They were real dynamos and will be missed, but I am sure the Hurlberts are up to the task!

The Iguana Bar and Grill

On Saturday, Feb 2nd, after English classes at the Mission Home, Felsted Elder said to me, Do you want to go to that Mexican Restaurant?  I had been looking through a little tourist booklet at the various places and advertisements and mentioned this Mexican place to him the day before.  Of course, I said SURE!  And it sounded like a grand adventure… we could take the metro and walk a couple of blocks to the restaurant.

So that is what we did.  We figured out how many stops from our closest metro stop and went down to Széll Kálmán Tér (think I finally figured out the correct spelling of that place) and boarded the Metro there.  We went two stops and the train goes under the Danube River. Our stop was across the street from the Parliament Building.  Then around the corner and down a couple of streets to the restaurant.

IMG_0544Looking across the Danube from Zoltan Ut, the street with The Iguana Bar and Grill.  The Buda Castle district is up on the hill.  We live on the other side of the hill.  Lots of rain here.

IMG_0538Loved the menu – with the Hungarian versions of various things.  (We also got an English menu!)  I wanted some soft tacos but the waitress assumed since I was American, that I wanted the crispy shells.  Next time I will make sure she understands exactly what I want.  Felsted Elder got enchilladas.  Think he will order something else next time – the sauce was a little too Hungarian for him.

Very darling decor – right out of the American West!  Having never been to Mexico, not sure if they decorate things like this or not!!!!

IMG_0543Iguana must be a popular name for Mexican restaurants.  Sister Carpenter said they went to one in Singapore with that name…

One of my sons said – you went to a BAR?  I jokingly told him we had our Missionary Tags on… and said, really, this is Hungary.  Probably not a restaurant without a bar here.

And now, we have been to TWO places on the public transportation…