Eszter’s Baptism…

Gabor joined the Church in Atlanta, Georgia in August 2012, when he went to visit a friend he made on Facebook.  He came to the Buda Building shortly thereafter, with one of our YSA whom he had met – also on Facebook!  We were there that evening and immediately greeted him and took his picture!  He was in his final year of college and came to our events as much as he could.

Picture taken Aug 12, 2012, the day after our 50th wedding anniversary.

Picture taken Aug 12, 2012, the day after our 50th wedding anniversary.

He and Timi became great friends and they soon became inseparable!  Timi helped him study for his English exams he needed to pass for graduation.

Timi and Gabor - cooking demonstration April 2013.

Timi and Gabor – cooking demonstration April 2013.

Eszter, one of Gabor’s younger sisters, soon became Timi’s friend and Timi started coaching Eszter in German.  They usually met in one of the lounges at our YSA center. Timi first brought Eszter to one of our Friday meetings the 11th October 2013.

IMG_2993One day one of the sets of missionaries here in Buda came into the building complaining that all their programs (discussions) had dogged them.  Timi and Eszter were having a lesson.  So Timi said, Teach Eszter, she will listen to a lesson.  So that is how Eszter got involved with the Church and started taking missionary discussions.  (Of course, she knew that her brother had joined the Church and I am sure he was a good example to her. He has taken his Church membership very seriously.)  And she had been coming to our activities, too!  She knew in a very short time that the Church was true because the Holy Ghost had testified to her!

Meanwhile, her brother Gabor was on another trip to Atlanta to visit his friend and take out his endowments in the Atlanta Temple.  Gabor’s friend had relatives in  St. George, so they went there for Thanksgiving.  By the time he got home, Eszter was beyond ready to be baptized, but she wanted her older brother to baptize her.  Very exciting time!

Eszter Baptism CGabor and Eszter’s parents have been very supportive for their children’s endeavors.  In fact, the little sister now comes to Church with them and attends Primary.

Thanks, Timi!

Eszter Baptism w:TimiPest Ward is ROCKING!



December Cooking Show

December 20, 2013, Barbie wanted to demonstrate making her home-made muffin recipe.  Of course, her fiancé, Péti, was her helper…

IMG_4530The kids always seem to like these demonstrations and we never have any trouble finding others who want to demonstrate some favorite recipe!

IMG_4537Lemon is a big part of Hungarian cuisine – desserts, breads, pasta dishes, you name it!

IMG_4546Our YSA kitchen has all kinds of baking accessories – including no-stick muffin pans…

IMG_4550 Another fun evening.  But there was a VERY exciting thing coming up the next day: Gabor H was back in town and was baptizing his sister Eszter tomorrow… see next posting!

Another Pest Ward Baptism

On December 14, 2013 another Gabor was baptized in the Pest Ward.  I was unable to attend because Sister Smith, Sister Carpenter and I were working on food preparation for the upcoming Christmas Zone Conferences.  But Elder Felsted attended.  Gabor is another great young man, 33, so he is over YSA age – but again, we have formed a bond with him because he is in our ward.

IMG_3790He also investigated the church for many months.  He is very strong in the Church and has received the Priesthood and has a ward calling of being the Ward Employment Specialist.  He is an engineer.  We hope he can give a presentation to our YSA as the employment specialist.

The wards always have a little food for a after the baptisms gathering.

The wards always have a little food for a after the baptisms gathering.

Gabor asked Elder Felsted to perform the Ordinance of the Gift of the Holy Ghost the following Sunday.

Anikó and Krisztian

We all love LOVE STORIES!  Anikó was baptized in September 2012 right after we came to Hungary.  Krisztian was a returned missionary who lived in another town in Hungary.  They first met at an Institute Graduation on June 8, 2013.  Then they met up again at a Budapest Stake dance put on by some of our YSA.  From then on, they spent as much time together as they could – commuting between the two towns…

Their engagement picture.

Their engagement picture.

Their marriage was set for December 7, 2013.  Unfortunately, downtown Saturday construction traffic prevented us from being on time for the wedding, so we sat outside the room at the government building.  Here is a picture from her Facebook page, right after the wedding…

1480735_10202344996999443_1856868331_nAnikó’s sister is on her right and was the matron of honor.  Three YSA bridesmaids…

Lots of YSA support for their wedding...

Lots of YSA support for their wedding…

Viki made these bridesmaids dresses out of FREE materials… These kids are something else!

IMG_4287White thick jumpsuit material is under the sheer turquoise.  I found a white ribbon to blend the top to the bottom and a little lace to overlay on the ribbon.  Perfect!

Two down...

Two down…

First dance...

First dance…

Another YSA couple married.  They are currently living in Germany – as they were having trouble finding work in Hungary.  This is a common issue with many in Hungary at this time.

December 2013 Baptisms…

Dec 7, 2013, there were two baptisms in the Pest Ward …  Both young men have been investigating for over a year and decided it was time for the big event.

Tomas, is young, 19 years old.  Gabor is 34 and above YSA age.  But since they are both in the Ward where we attend, we have gotten close to them…

Tomás (left) and Gabor

Tomás (left) and Gabor

We first met Tomás when we first came to Budapest.  He was attending one of the English classes that the Sister Missionaries were teaching in the Buda building.  He was a troubled young man but we have seen a lot of progress since that time and were happy to see him baptized.

Tomás with Mission President Smith and his wife.

Tomás with Mission President Smith and his wife.

Gabor is mature and liked the LDS lifestyles and values.  He has accepted the Priesthood and a ward calling and it is fun to interact with him and see his growth.  He has attended some of our events – having been invited by Timi.  We suspect he will be one of the leaders in Hungary one day!

IMG_4226We try to attend every baptism in the three Budapest Wards of potential Young Single Adults.  Most of the time these are scheduled for Saturdays.  That keeps us busy as we bring a treat to share, also!

Saint Miklaus Visits the YSA

On December 6, 2013, we originally planned to have our institute class and following FEFest at the Kispest Ward, since one of our potential YSA was getting baptized that evening in that ward.  At the last moment she changed her baptism to a later date, so we needed a new activity.  Well, Dec 6th is St Nicklaus Day – the day that Miklaus (Nicklaus) comes to Hungary!  So that was a perfect activity.  AND, to top it off, the Mission Home had a wonderful Miklaus costume, which we could borrow…

After dinner, Levente serenaded us with music (he is a very awesome musician) and the rest decorated our room.  It was a fun, relaxing time in our recreation room.

IMG_4057IMG_4102The room is starting to look FESTIVE…

Even Elder Felsted got decorated!

Even Elder Felsted got decorated!

After everything was in order, it was time for a visit by Miklaus!  Elder Felsted was praying he would not have to do this (being the logical choice), however, Timi said Miklaus HAD to be a Hungarian!  WHEW!  Elder Felsted was saved… and TIMI was Miklaus… And she had a ball!  She insisted that EVERYONE had to sit on Miklaus’ lap!

IMG_4119Eszter, one of our investigators and dear friend of Timi, had a blast!  I don’t have room for all the pictures but it was a very fun event…  Each person got some special Christmas candy…

IMG_4196Pretty funny to see the boys on Timi’s lap!

IMG_4150The kids insisted that we had to take part in this…

IMG_4131IMG_4180Too bad we did not understand what was being said… However, EVERYONE went home happy!  Another fun day with the YSA in Budapest!!!



Family History Presentation

We have a new Senior Missionary couple in Hungary these days,  the Broadheads.  And they are an “area” couple.  Not only do they serve in Hungary, but they are in charge of the family history in several surrounding countries.  So since I am such a Family History nut, I try to get the YSA involved in family history as much as I can.  Actually we have started having a Family History moment once a month with our YSA… And have different topics each month.

On Monday, December 2, 2013, we advertised on our Budapest YSA Facebook page that the Broadheads would be coming to help them with their family history.  We had a nice turnout for that and the YSA were very interested!  Of course, Timi was the translator!!!

IMG_4035IMG_4041They presented a little booklet, My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together – in Magyar to each of the YSA and talked about how to start your family history with the ideas in the booklet.

IMG_4046Another great Family Home Evening lesson… Thank you, Elder and Sister Broadhead!