LDS Media Crew Comes to Budapest

The media crew came to Budapest to record the Magyar audio for the Especially For Youth Conference that took place this summer in another country.  Each participant is given a CD with the music sung in their own language.  (Believe it or not, there are some very talented LDS singers in Hungary!)

However, after they were through with that, our Area Supervisors suggested that we make some videos with conversion stories of some of the Hungarian Young Single Adults.  Viki and the Felsteds consulted and we came up with some possibilities and I hurriedly contacted them and had them write up their stories.  All were accepted!  Then we had to figure out how to get them into Budapest.  Agoston came from Miscolc, eastern Hungary.  Bogi came from Szombathely, western Hungary.  We had Viki, Panni, and Kriszti from Kispest and Pest. They were told to bring changes of clothing for re-enactment of their stories.  It was pretty hectic getting it all organized, but it was fun seeing everything work out.

LDS media people... set up in the Buda Relief Society Room
LDS media people… set up in the Buda Relief Society Room… they do not speak Hungarian.

Bogi came early on Monday morning, June 2, 2014.  She was recently baptized. She was having a party for her birthday and she brought 35 guests to her baptism BEFORE the party!  And almost every Sunday since then she has been bringing people to Church!  She is committed!

Bogi.  Beautiful on the outside and inside…
Karolina was the translator - even though she had a final the next day!
Karolina was the translator – even though she had a final the next day!

Agoston came a bit later in the morning.  The story that he wanted to share concerned his mother’s cousin who came to visit their family.  He shared his testimony about the Church with her and gave her a Book of Mormon.  She was interested and is taking the missionary discussions.  Meanwhile, Agoston comes to Buda every so often and likes to work with the missionaries.  So he has become friends with an older woman who was having discussions (he was present) and she recently joined the Church.  Since the media people wanted to re-enact his story, he called her and she came over to act as his mother’s cousin!

Viki, Panni and Kriszti’s stories have been shared in another post – see Panni’s Baptism.

The media people wanted to film part of our Family Home Evening with some of our YSA so they were there for our meeting.

Agoston listening to Elder Felsted.  His woman friend is between them.
Agoston listening to Elder Felsted. His woman friend is between them.
Last minute directions.
Some instructions.

So sometime in the near future, we hope to see some I Am A Mormon video clips with our own Hungarian Young Single Adults telling their stories!

BTW, Agoston has been serving in Budapest as a Mini-Missionary for 5 weeks this summer.  He really wants to serve a ful time mission, but needs to complete Law School first.  So this is the next best thing for him at this time.  He is really a choice young man and we know he is going places!

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  1. I loved meeting you here and seeing your wonderful service in Hungary!! I am a daughter of a Hungarian family who moved to Brazil while in Austria for almost 5 years after WWII. I did some language learning, but as mother remarried a Brazilian and I was only a year old, my learning was a challenge … not remembering my Hungarian language as well…it’s a hard one!! I loved your moments and the fantastic missionary service. As a missionary we learn about love and respect for this wonderful service!! I am now trying again about family history. I have only worked in seeling my parents and grandparents. I would like to know if you are familiar with the research in Hungary and members of the LDS church who would be able to help me with some research !!?? It would be wonderful if you suggest a way of being able to find out more about the family!! Thank you, and loved you sharing moments!! Ilona Katalin Dako-Tolman ps. you king meet us in the facebook!!

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