Final Goodbyes

I need to complete this blog.  We have been home 5 months!  I have a new computer and all my pictures are on this old and failing one!  (I have them saved to an external hard drive, but it is easier to work with them on the computer..)

Our last day working with the YSA was Friday, June 7, 2014.  Since it was a Friday, we decided that it should be our Farewell Party!  Sisters Bagozzi and Smith helped greatly to get the food prepared and served.  Both the Bagozzis and Sister Smith helped serve – as we were greeting and talking to everyone.  Several other members of the Church were there, too.

Brother Balatoni, a member of the Mission Presidency and a member of our Pest Ward.

IMG_8696Tibor N., a single adult over 31 but we became very close to him.  He was in charge of technology and so was frequently taking care of the YSA computers.  Also in our Pest Ward.

IMG_8707Panni and Kriszti.  Panni (far left) is YSA age and Kriszti is over 31.  We love them dearly and keep in contact with them still and will as long as we can!  Both are in Kispest Ward.

IMG_8709Viki is a darling girl.  Her mother recently became reactivated and brought her daughter to our meetings.  She is extremely shy and I am not sure she has attended YSA since we left.  She was upset at our leaving… She brought us some roses.. She did not speak much English so that did not make communication easy.

IMG_8713Here is Viki’s mother!

IMG_8746Gergö is a inactive member of our Church.  He is a very interesting kid.  He got trained as a plumber but did not like the language and characteristics of the people he associated with in that profession, so he decided to get trained in accounting.  He speaks English fairly well.  The Church could use his abilities, if he decided to be more committed to his faith.  Lives in the Pest Ward.

IMG_8715“Sonny” was an Institute Teacher for several classes in the past two years.  His wife recently got baptized, so he was very excited about that.  Very outgoing person, works with NuSkin and seems to be fairly successful in that business.  A member of the Buda Ward.  Eszter H. is on the far right.  She is engaged to marry a Hungarian returned missionary.  That happened since we have left!

IMG_8716Taci H and Láci T.  Taci is an American who served a mission in Hungary and returned to Hungary to attend college.  She is majoring in Biology.  (RMs quite often return to their mission fields to visit and for other reasons!!)  Láci has a baptism date for Jan 2015.  Very sweet young man.  We have kept in touch with both of these YSA since leaving!  Láci lives in the Kispest Ward.  Taci attends the Buda Ward.

IMG_8720Zoli T and his wife, whom he recently married.  He is also an Institute teacher.  She joined the Church this spring and Zoli baptized her.  They live in Buda Ward.

IMG_8752Bishop Southwick and his family. He was Bishop of the Buda Ward, which met in the Mission Home.  Same building as our YSA office.  He served a mission to Hungary and came back and married a Hungarian woman.  He received his Hungarian citizenship a couple of months ago and was just made the Stake President in Hungary.  (They only have one Stake for the time being – but are trying to get enough members to have a second Stake.)  He is the second Stake President the country has had in 20 years.

IMG_8762Here is Szandi B a girl from Pest Ward.  She has not attended many YSA events.  But she obviously wanted to say goodbye to us…

IMG_8765Bernadett  K, the (former) Stake President’s daughter.  She has two years left of HS.  She is in a very demanding course – Russian, German, English and Biology!  College bound Hungarian students usually do not graduate from HS until they are 20.  She attended YSA infrequently, due to her rigorous school schedule and outside activities.  Her family are members of the Buda Ward and we really enjoyed working with her father.

IMG_8769The Mission President allowed some missionaries to attend.  We had a few non-members in attendance and we worked with many of the missionaries in our calling.  Elder Squire (far right) came home with a group of returning missionaries in time for Thanksgiving 2014.

IMG_8773Adri was all smiles early in the evening.  However, when it came time to really say goodbye we were all sobbing!  We worked with her when she was YSA President, 5 days a week!  And she was the most faithful supporter of everything… Member of Kispest Ward.

IMG_8783Here is Szandi, Feri and his brother, Láci.  Láci could speak a little English.  Szondi and Feri only knew a few words of English.  And we knew a little Hungarian grammar, very small vocabulary and some memorized phrases!  That was one of the most frustrating parts of our mission – not being able to communicate with the youth that we were supposed to be serving!  Szandi and Feri are members of the Pest Ward and Láci attends the Érd Branch.

IMG_8785Lavinia (Livi) is so sweet and loving!  Pure in heart…  She came to everything – much better than being home, I believe.  She would love a job and took some training course; but none of the youth who were in the course were offered a full time job.  She will be over 31 soon, so she will be out of the group.  Attends the Buda Ward.

IMG_8790Karolina is the Stake Patriarch’s daughter and a very lovely person. She turned 31 this past year, so has not been coming to many of our activities.  She is getting her masters in translating.  She speaks German, Hungarian and English fluently and maybe more?  Member of the Pest Ward.

IMG_8793The Heaths were the Assistant Area Auditors and traveled to other countries to help members with the financial dealings in their wards and branches.  They returned home in July 2014.

IMG_8799Andras is about 35 and loved to come to our meetings.  He is a RM and has yet to find his eternal mate!  He recently found a better job and that is always good!  Member of the Pest Ward.

IMG_8801Gabor was baptized last spring and really jumped into the Pest Ward and did what ever was asked of him.  He is older than 31 so he only attended a few of our special events.  We will keep close tabs on what he is up to.

IMG_8804Viki is currently the YSA President as well as the LDS Public Relations Director for the whole country of Hungary.  Her degree is in movie production (or something like that), and she also has a full time job in that field.  She turns 31 this year, so they will have to replace her one of these days – but she is really a dynamo – spiritually as well as otherwise.  Recently released as the YW President in the Pest Ward.IMG_8806Láci has not been baptized yet.  He attends the Pest Ward.  Attends our YSA functions now and then.  Works in a brewery.

IMG_8811More missionaries.  There are 5 sets of young proselyting missionaries in the Buda Ward boundaries, including the Assistants to the President.  Plus the office missionaries (which do some proselyting).

IMG_8812Here is Támas!  He went through several different missionaries in his year long quest before joining the Church.  We hope the Church can help him in his growth and development.  His mother is not supportive of his Church membership..

IMG_8821Brother Bagozzi and Adri.  This is the Bagozzis second mission as office couple here in Hungary.  They worked pretty closely with the YSA when they were here before, so the kids know and love them a lot!!!

IMG_8823Péter N, also a member of the Pest Ward.  Bore his testimony the first time he ever came to Church.  Parents not excited about him joining the Church (but we were!).  Darling person and he is in training to be an EMT.  He and Elder F talked in length every Sunday, so he was very upset at our leaving!  He has been learning English pretty well.

IMG_8826Here are the famous Bagozzi couple!  They have been fun to get to know and will leave their mission shortly after the new Mission President arrives, in July 2015.  The office couple are pretty important and keep everything in the whole mission running smoothly!

IMG_8830Norbi had to work Friday evening and came late.  He works at an LDS owned restaurant, Gringo Amigos.  He is Timi’s brother and he is very artistic, but could not find a job in his field.  Norbi and Timi are members of the Buda Ward.

IMG_8843Here is most who came to say goodbye to us!

IMG_8726Dia, Viki’s good friend, and not a baptized member, YET, made up this book with many of the pictures of our activities and they presented this to us this night.  It is a wonderful memento of our mission.  It sits on our coffee table in our living room…

IMG_8850I will add a few miscellaneous posts in the future… so this is not the last posting – YET!




  1. How wonderful to have the memory photo album that Dia so lovingly made for you. I’ll pray for the Spirit to touch his heart so that he will know the truth and gain a testimony. Your influence will continue to work in the lives of all of these folks!

  2. Thank you! Thank you! I have enjoyed your reports SO MUCH. You folds did GREAT THINGS for the YSA. You have such energy and so many good ideas. Hungary has many memories for me and you bring them to life again as I read about all the good you have done. Thanks to both of you. Rose Dukelow

  3. Hi Rose, You are very kind! However, the “mission calling” gives you certain Spiritual Gifts that helped us so much!!! We really cannot take too much credit…

    1. What you said is true, there are “spiritual gifts” but you folks had the foundation so that these gifts could come out in full force. Blessings come, don’t they, when you serve the Lord with all your heart. Rose

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