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Felsted from Smith Elnok

Ronald LaNay Felsted was born and raised in Sacramento, California.  His family has been in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for several generations.  He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Brigham Young University and his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of California at Davis.  He had a 3 year Post-Doctorate at University of Chicago and his career was spent with the National Cancer Institute in Baltimore, Bethesda and Frederick, Maryland.  After retiring, he took the time to try some things he always wanted to do:  learned how to make wooden bows from trees, made a specialized carving bench, called a schnitzelbank, to use to make the bows, made buckskin using the deer brain, attained both his Tech and General Ham Radio licenses and developed his artistic talents – see his watercolors.  He has served in the following positions in the Church:  14-18 year old Scout Leader, Young Men’s President, Elders Quorum President, High Priest Group Leader, Executive Secretary, Bishopric Member, High Council Member, Gospel Doctrine Teacher, Ward Membership Clerk, Ward Financial Clerk and Ward Communication Specialist.  He and Kathie have been serving in the Logan Temple as ordinance workers since January 2011.

Mary Kathleen Kemmerling was born in San Francisco, and raised in Sacramento.  She was adopted at age 10 by her step-father, so her maiden name was changed to Russell.  She met Ron in their senior year of High School and was baptized into the LDS Church at the age of 18, after a year at Sacramento State College.  She is the only member of her immediate family to have joined the Church.  Kathie followed Ron to BYU and they married in their junior year in the Los Angeles LDS Temple.  She graduated with a degree in Microbiology – six months pregnant with their first child. She stayed home for 25 years but after that, she worked for 17 years as a middle school science teacher.  She has held the following Church positions:  Primary teacher, in the Primary Presidency twice, Junior SS Coordinator, Relief Society Teacher, RS President, Stake RS Presidency, Family History Consultant, Family History Librarian, Stake Family HIstory Consultant Trainer, Chairman of the Baltimore Stake Family History Workshop for 10 years and Emergency Preparedness Specialist for the Ward and RS.  She recently got her Tech Ham Radio license.  Her great love is Family History work, which she has been doing since she joined the Church.  After the mission, she is hoping to visit the places of her German ancestors – Poland, Austria, Germany – and doing some original research while there.  She is one-half German.

Another great interest that we have together is Emergency Preparedness.  Since our move to Cove, Utah in the fall of 2009, we have continued trying and planning to be as self- reliant as possible.  Working in the Temple has definitely helped with our spiritual preparedness and we expect our mission will continue in our spiritual growth!

Ron and Kathie have 7 children and 24 grandchildren.  Six of our children are in Utah these days!  The seventh lives in Southern California.


  1. Hello from Andrea and David Curtin,
    Our daughter Michelle just learned on Wednesday that she will also be serving in Hungray, Budapest Mission. She enters the MTC on October 31, in Provo. I heard you were also going to serve there from friends in the old Jones Falls Ward. We are excited that Michelle will also have a familiar face in Hungary!

  2. This is exciting news. Our son, Andy Christensen or Christensen Elder just received his transfer from Eger to Pecs today, 6/18/12. He is very excited to serve there. He has enjoyed every bit of his mission so far. The language was a challenge but he seems to be coming along great. Glad to learn about you two and hope he will still be there when you arrive. Good luck. Steve and Carla Christensen

  3. We have been at the MTC for two days now and LOVE, LOVE the missionaries there. We have met a group who are going to Hungary on August 1 and another group that just arrived the same day we did. Of course, they are WAY AHEAD of us on the language skills, since they get to be in the MTC for 12 total weeks! But we will be very excited to work with all the wonderful young men and women who we will be serving with. The Holy Spirit is so STRONG here and it is a joy to be here with these super great youth.

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