Our Family

Our family picture taken Aug 2012, on our property.

Here is a little bit about each of our children:

Daniel Felsted was born in Provo, Utah and is married to Cheryl Hill.  Dan served his mission in the Las Vegas Nevada Mission.  Cheryl served a mission in Peru.  They met in Logan, where Dan was attending college.  After their marriage, they lived in Taiwan and taught English for 5 years.  Dan graduated from Utah State with a degree in Graphic Design and also has a Master’s of Science in Direct Marketing.  Cheryl graduated from Utah State and has an English degree.  They have three children:  Kenya, Yzabel and Camden.  Dan works in Midway, Utah.  Cheryl home schools the children and does various interesting things to make some money on the side.

Patrick Felsted was born in Woodland, California and is married to Katarina Friberg.  Patrick served in the Rio de Janeiro Mission.  They met at BYU.  Patrick’s degree is Computer Science and Katarina graduated with a degree in English.  Patrick in business for himself.  Katarina is working on a PhD.  They have three boys, Logan, Christian and Bennett.

Erik Felsted was born in California and is married to Missy Cottrell.  Erik served in the Chile Orsono Mission.  Both Erik and Missy graduated with Accounting degrees from BYU.    They have three children, Abi,  Andrew, and Grant.

Rachael Felsted was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois and is married to Stephen Cook.  Rachael served in the Chile Conception Mission. Stephen served in North Carolina.  Rachael graduated from BYU with a degree in Environmental Science.  Steve also graduated from BYU and from Georgetown University with his law degree.  He currently works in Orange County, California in a law firm.  They have four children, Ryan, Matthew, Cameron and Emily.

Clinton LaNay Felsted was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois.  He served in the Las Vegas Nevada Mission.  He graduated from BYU with a degree in Computer Science.  He is the former owner of Agemni and has started La Nay Ferme, which is a CSA farm in Provo.  He married Tanya Chudakova in the Kiev Ukraine Temple and they have a daughter, Justeen.

Katie Felsted was born in Towson, Maryland and is married to Michael Hansen.  Katie graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Early Childhood Education.  Michael has an Urban Planning degree from BYU and a Masters in Business Administration from University of Utah.   Katie homeschools their five children, Jacob, Joseph, Mary, Samuel  and Peter.  Michael had a child, Isaac, with a previous marriage.

Jenivere Felsted was born in Towson, Maryland and is married to Amoz Stotesbery.  Jenivere has an AA degree.  Amoz runs his own business.  They have five children, Tristan, Aleya, Aidan, Isaiah  and Noah.  They live in Utah.

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  1. Elder and Sister Felsted,
    I have been following your blog and have enjoyed every minute. About a month ago, I was preparing for my Sunday School lesson and ran on to an article titled “Skateboarding with the Spirit.” I printed a copy for my son and wondered if the author was a well known skater. When I goggled his name, a mission blog spot came up with an address in the MTC. I wrote this Elder a letter asking him about the skateboarding and telling him that you were in the mission he was headed to and what a beautiful place it is from your pictures. Tonight, I realized the blog was from 2012 and the missionary is already in Hungary. Do you know an Elder Sterri from California? I have enjoyed following your BlogSpot and look forward to hearing about it when you return home. Take care and have a great holiday season.
    Kristi Jensen

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