BYU-I Business School Visits Budapest YSA

Before we even got to Hungary, Sister S sent me an email sent to her and the Bishop of the Buda Ward from a BYU-I group that was coming to visit some businesses in Hungary, as well as in other countries.  They wanted to visit with our YSA.  There were 2 returned missionaries from Hungary in this BYU group.

At first I wanted to have a dinner for them; but then I reconsidered – Sister H would not be here to help!  Then Timi, a local YSA, came to the rescue and said, I can help and we will use my (authentic Hungarian) recipes.  The BYU-I group offered to pay for the costs of feeding them.  So…. Ron and I bought some of the food and Timi and I bought the other.  We were feeding 40 from the BYU-I group and any YSA that could attend on a Wednesday evening.

We featured a traditional layered potato, hard-boiled egg, sausage, sour cream dish, corn salad, and fruit soup for dessert.

Here are two of the traditional potato dinner… YUM!

A room full of BYU-I business students

After the dinner, some of the faculty advisors helped us clean up the dishes!  And off the group went – with some of our YSA as tour guides – up to Buda Castle and some other nearby sights.

Looks like they had lots of fun!  At least that is what we heard from the YSA kids who were the tour guides.  THANKS for the visit, BYU-I Business College Students!


Changes In Budapest YSA leadership

On September 15, 2012, Sister W flew in from SLC.  She was sent to replace Sister S, who used to serve with Sister H and they ran the YSA program here in Budapest.  Then we came and we were asked to more or less take over.  So for a while, there has been a threesome running the YSA program here.

However, inspiration is INSPIRATION, and Mission President S felt that Sister W and Sister H were to go to another town called Debrecsen.  It is near the border of Romania and about 3 hours from Budapest.  It is a college town, the second largest city in Hungary.  And Sister H knew that it was inspiration because she had a strong impression she was to go there about 3 months ago.  When the MP asked us about it, we knew that the two single seniors could be probably be better used somewhere else.


Sister H went up to Debrescen before Sister W arrived to look for an apartment.  She went with the office couple.  They found some possibilities and then new senior couple assigned to Debrecsen also did some looking for apartments.  They found one on the same street as the Church!

They left for Debrecsen on September 21st and have been busily trying to scout out the YSA – many who have not been active recently.  There is a YSA mini-conference coming up in October with the youth in nearby Romania, so that should be a great tool for gathering some of the lost sheep back into the fold.

So we are on our own here and thankful for Sister S and Sister H having taught us so much.  And Sister H is only a phone call away… so we have already called her about some things that we could not remember….

Speaking Engagement in Kaposvár

This past Sunday we were scheduled to speak in Kaposvár, which is about 2 hours away from Budapest.  The Carpenters drove us there and were expecting to bear their testimonies after our talk.  We were given the choice of two topics:  I chose True to the Faith and Ron picked Repentance.

Ron found some conference talks on these subjects and they were the basis our our talks.  The only problem was that I wanted to give my entire talk in Magyar!  So I made a very simple talk – less than one page.  Then I paid Timi, a local YSA to translate it into Magyar and also made a movie clip of her saying it – slowly – lassaban.  It was really very great to have that video because my pronunciation is TERRIBLE.  I practiced about 4 hours on Friday and Saturday and also most of the drive up there.  (It has helped my speaking so much!!)

The Church bought a two-story storefront in downtown Kaposvár and remodeled it. Once you are inside, it has beautiful curved stone steps that go upstairs and there are 5 rooms and a bathroom upstairs.  I think there were about 15-20 members there.  The branch president is an Elder Missionary and this Sunday was his first Sunday was Branch President. They just had their every six week transfer last week.

I spoke in Magyar, Ron spoke in English and a Returned Missionary, who is visiting Hungary, was his translator.  I asked another missionary if he could understand my very primitive Magyar and he said YES!  (well, he might have been just a nice person and did not want to hurt my feelings)  But the members seemed pleased and shook my hand afterwards.  It would have been wonderful to be able to communicate better with them than just say kösznöm (thank you).  Maybe next time?

Kaposvár:  another pretty Hungarian town.

This town is south of a very large natural lake.  It is called Lake Balaton and is the largest lake in Central Europe.  We drove by it on the way to Kaposvár.  The lake is very beautiful and quite a tourist attraction.  However, there was no time to be a tourist this Sabbath day, so we did not get to investigate the town or the lake.

Sept 11, 2012

Yes, that is the real date of our wedding anniversary.  It fell on a Tuesday, which is an Institute Day, so we decided to make a couple of cakes and put up our family picture in the recreation hall and let the YSA know that it was our anniversary.  50 years of marriage might be rare in Hungary.

We had planned on some veggies and dip for an after-Institute treat – but the wacky cakes were a big hit, too!  And while they were in their New Testament Class, they made this card for us!

It was English on one side and Magyar on the other!  Very cute!

The kids are very loving and it is very endearing to us.


Whole Wheat Bread

I love my Bosch Kitchen Machine and one of the worries about this mission was how would I live without my Bosch.  Especially since I knew we would be cooking things for the YSA.  So imagine my SURPRISE in my first visit to the kitchen – there was a BOSCH.  It is different than my home one, but similar to a smaller one that I handled as a Bosch dealer.  It was under used at the center, since they were not familiar with it.

We were attending Pest Ward one day and were talking to the Stake Patriarch about wheat.  He mentioned that there was a wheat grinding attachment for that Bosch.  He had purchased it for the Stake when he was in the Stake Presidency….  WOW!  So we started looking for it.  I imagined it would be a large attachment – having seen one that fit our Bosch that had grinding stones.  Could not find it.  However, after a few emails and finding a picture of what we were looking for, the Office Sister found it – right in the cupboard with the rest of the attachments!

So we ground some wheat that we bought from the Patriarch.  It took about 1.5 hours to make enough flour to make a batch of bread.

I was not completely happy with the bread – even though I added some white flour.  So I will continue to experiment before I share it with the kids.  I did make some white bread for Friday’s dinner and they LOVED that…  The flour hook is just not designed as well as on the kitchen machine I have…  BUT it will do!  How blessed was I???

Double Baptism

On Saturday, September 8, we went to the Kispest Ward, which is in our Budapest Stake, and attended the baptism of Peter and Dominique. It was about a 20 minute drive from the mission home.

Peter is a YSA and Dominique will be in a couple of years.

I omitted the picture of Dominique for privacy reasons.

It was a well attended event – well attended by ward members and our Young Single Adult members – and the missionaries, of course!  The presiding authority was a YSA who is the ward Missionary Leader.

The ward went all out for this event – open face sandwiches, fruit, and treats! Many of our YSA adults go to this ward.

I am not sure when the Kispest Ward building was built – but it is a very nice building.  Right off the main road in that area and across the street from the train (or villamos) not sure which is which…

And I forgot…

Sister H and I will be teaching an Institute class every Friday evening at 6 PM – Family History.  It will start September 7, 2012 and go until January 30, 2013.  This means that we will have to be super organized on Fridays – to teach a class and serve food immediately afterwards… Luckily Sister S. will be getting a new companion soon to help out.  And there is always my companion!!!

Our Stake YSA will also offer a Preparation for Marriage Class on Friday evenings – trying to entice more YSA to attend Institute.  Stake President Klinger and Mission President Smith and their wives will be the teachers!!!  What a bonus for the kids!!!

Ron also will be teaching a water color art class every Thursday evening at 7 PM starting September 20, 2012.  We are not sure how long that will last but we are thinking that it might evolve into an art study group – where they can come and do their art and maybe Ron can critique it.  We hope his class will cater to some non-members in our YSA age group, too!  If you have not seen Ron’s water color paintings, click on this link.