BYU Chamber Orchestra

IMG_7010The BYU Chamber Orchestra came to Hungary in May.  This is advertising flyer for the May 15th performance.  They also performed at the Gyor Ward Meeting House the following night and did a fireside performance in the Pest Stake Building on Sunday, May 18.

The Liszt Grand Hall
The Liszt Academy

The concert was a fund-raiser for several hospitals in Budapest.  Some machines were donated by a local company and the concert fees paid for these machines.  One of our local LDS men works for this company.  Also Nu-Skin of Hungary paid for the pre-concert event.  Several LDS people here in Hungary work for that company.

The Smiths, the Bagozzis and the Baughmans
The Smiths, the Bagozzis and the Baughmans

The Baughmans, the previous Mission President and his wife, were in Europe on other matters and came for this event.  The Office Couple, the Bagozzis,  worked for both Mission Presidents.  Sister Ann Madsen, was also present, having come with one of her grand-daughters.  It was a pleasure to meet her.

Kory Katseanes, Orchestra Director making some remarks
Kory Katseanes, Orchestra Director, making some remarks

Senior Missionaries in Budapest were invited to the pre-concert event, complete with dignitaries! Zoli translated and he is also employed by the medical company and was involved in the negotiations for the machines.

Of course, the building was beautiful!

In the main foyer
In the main foyer

IMG_6973IMG_6976The Liszt Academy was restored in 1990 with EU funds.

The orchestra is ready
The orchestra is ready

Right side balcony
Right side balcony

The music was beautiful and it was a very nice evening.  We were glad for this opportunity to see this wonderful BYU orchestra. One of their songs also featured a local famous Hungarian pianist and Liszt Academy professor, Kemenes András.

Timi came with her mother and grandmother.  I think they bought the very first tickets!  She had a blast hanging out with the orchestra members Saturday and Sunday and visiting Budapest sights with them.

IMG_5093Hungarians like their musicians – here is a statue of Liszt.  (The base seriously needs some repair)  Here is a close up I found online.




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  1. Hi Kathy, I’m going to miss your blog. Your mission is up soon, isn’t it? I’m sure your families will be glad to have you back home.

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