Széchenyi Medicinal Bath

Livi, Viki and Dia gave me the “perfect birthday present” in February.  They were so darling and cute as they figured out what to give me…  ??  Since Elder Felsted and I have never been to any of the FAMOUS bath houses in Hungary, they decided that is where I NEEDED to go!  Elder Felsted was not too excited but I was!  Going to one of these would probably never have happened without a free pass for me!  AND the Bagozzi couple would go with us to give us some guidance.

Thanks to Wikipedia, here is what we know about the one that we went to:  The Széchenyi Medicinal Bath in Budapest is the largest medicinal bath in Europe. Its water is supplied by two thermal springs, their temperature is 74 °C and 77 °C, respectively.  The construction of the bath began on 7 May 1909 and was opened 16 June 1913.  AND it is a beautiful old building in the middle of the park that houses many famous Budapest tourist attractions!

Isn’t this a wonderful picture from the Civertan Grafikai Stúdió?? (as found on Wikipedia)
Another picture from Wikipedia.
Another picture from Wikipedia.

The complex is HUGE and after we changed into our bathing suits, we started at one end of the bathhouse and went from heated pool to heated pool.  Some were medicinal, some were various temperatures.  Elder Felsted tried a cooler one, we stayed in the warmer ones.  I tried a medicinal steam room, too!  WOW!  Menthol over load…  When I first went in I thought I would be smothered to death by the odor.  However, I lasted about 5-10 minutes.  Very interesting experience.  We ended up at the outside pool. The place was full of people and as we left, a bus load of tourists came with their matching towels…

Dressing room area
Dressing room area

One side of the building is full of dressing rooms.  So this picture above is off the main walkway and contains 8 dressing rooms – 4 on each side.

The hallway full of dressing rooms.
The hallway full of dressing rooms.  The large swimming pool is to the right…
Perfect day for this trip.
Perfect day for this trip.

There are several bath houses all over Budapest and other places in Hungary.  There is one at the base of Gellert Hill, quite close to us…  Don’t think we will make it again while we are here.  But a very fun experience.  I think it costs about $20-25 dollars a piece for the day.



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