Perbal 2

On February 1, 2014, we finally got back to Perbal with our fleece blankets!  Most of the youth there seemed pretty interested in them and Timi was in charge of announcing come and pick one out.  Some very pretty colors this year! (I know the fabric store was happy that the Humanitarian couple had spent so much money in their store!  They were unhappy to hear that they would be not be back next fall for more fabric.)

On a side note, we LDS spend a LOT of money in Hungary – and anywhere else we are.  We buy local goods:  food, clothing, office and cleaning supplies, entertainment, gifts to bring back home, and the mission even buys cars and hires workers to clean and fix our buildings, etc. One senior missionary couple bought 11 (ELEVEN) hand-made pottery nativity scenes for all their children.

At the bus station
At the bus station: Viki, Timi, Eszter, Taci, Adri, Szandi, Lavi, Feri

This trip was paid for with Humanitarian money from the Church, since we were delivering the blankets that were funded by the Church.

Timi was in charge
Timi was in charge

Some of the young men and women at Perbal this day were the same as we met before; but there were others that we had not met before.  There are 3 buildings where they stay and sometimes they come to this main recreation room.

After the blankets were passed out, Eszter and Adri picked out some music to play.

Adri, Eszter, Viki and Taci sitting next to girl in wheel chair
Adri, Eszter, Viki and Taci sitting next to girl in wheel chair

Eszter is a very accomplished folk dancer and she ended up encouraging the youth to join in some dancing…

IMG_5411They seemed to enjoy this very much…

One of the care-takers got Gabor to join in.
One of the care-takers got Gabor to join in.
Also she helped this young woman.

One of the young women started having what appeared to be an epileptic seizure when we were there.  The care-takers immediately took care of her and got her out of it pretty quickly.  I had the feeling that sometimes too much activity – too much stimulation – can bring these on.

Elder Felsted and I had bought some inexpensive, brightly colored picture frames for the pictures that I had taken of some of the youth last time we went.  I passed them out to the kids that were there. They seemed pleased to have a picture of themselves.  I took pictures of those that I had not seen before and hopefully we can go again one more time before we leave to hand those out.  We also noted that everyone had new beds!  The company that came in August arranged for that purchase.

We could not stay too long – Viki had an appointment in another town.  We left treats for them and off we went.

Here we are waiting for the bus home.
Here we are waiting for the bus home.

Some cute buildings and a store I liked….

IMG_5478IMG_5466Viki said she learned a valuable lesson on this trip.  She really did not want to go – she had so many things to, do and this was just one more thing.  However, she decided to just do it!  And as she was on the bus traveling to get to Perbal, she received some answers to her prayers that she had been seeking – ideas just flowing into her mind, etc.  She decided that SERVICE was the answer.  When we give service to others, it puts us in the mode to get the answers that we need for other issues and problems in our lives.  A very valuable lesson for us all!

From the Book of Mormon, Mosiah 2:

17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn awisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the bservice of your cfellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

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