Thanksgiving 2014

Boy, am I behind on my postings!  I will try to get caught up….

Levente and Ricsi wanted a traditional All-American Thanksgiving celebration for the YSA!  So we figured we could do this.  A LOT of work, but what the heck, we are MISSIONARIES – we can do it!

Turkey, stuffing, gravy, peas, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, were on the menu.  We had pumpkin in the freezer since Halloween.  Thursday, November 21, I cooked the pumpkin pies.  Friday we cooked turkey pieces in two crock pots.  We bought two large skinless breasts and one large thigh which had the skin on it.  We divided the thigh in two pieces to lay on top of the skinless breasts (needed the fat for juice for gravy).  We also had bought a neck to cook for extra juice and flavor for gravy.  No stuffing mix in Hungary – so we used Aunt Elva’s recipe (Ron’s step-grandmother).   Large pots of potatoes…

We were so busy serving the food and doing the spiritual thought, that I forgot to take any pictures after the event started;  so here is the picture of the tables all set up.  The rest of the pictures I got from others…

Tables all set up...
Tables all set up…

As it turned out, Ricsi and Heni could not come until later and Levente had practice for a concert… but plenty of others came.

Thanksgiving Dinner 2013 IFor the Spiritual Thought, we handed out paper feathers and had each person write something they were thankful for.  Then we had each person stand and tell whatthat was and put the feather on the turkey!  Got the idea from the internet…  Thankful Turkey…

Thankful Turkey
Thankful Turkey – Hálás vagzok – Grateful I am

We had a brief movie clip about the First Thanksgiving, which Timi translated.  And Timi told us some story about a Hungarian version of our Thanksgiving.

Thankful Missionaries, Elders Rae and Young
Thankful Missionaries, Elders Rae and Young

Proselyting Missionaries are allowed to our functions if they are accompanying one of their investigators!  We think that is a good idea to get our investigators to start coming to our functions!

Timi and Eszter
Timi and Eszter and some pumpkin pie with whipped cream…

We had several investigators (Eszter, Lacsi, Tomas) at our Thanksgiving meeting – and two of those got baptized – see later posts!



  1. It is so fun to read all your posts. Thanks for doing this. It has been many years since we were there. Those were the times.

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