Saint Miklaus Visits the YSA

On December 6, 2013, we originally planned to have our institute class and following FEFest at the Kispest Ward, since one of our potential YSA was getting baptized that evening in that ward.  At the last moment she changed her baptism to a later date, so we needed a new activity.  Well, Dec 6th is St Nicklaus Day – the day that Miklaus (Nicklaus) comes to Hungary!  So that was a perfect activity.  AND, to top it off, the Mission Home had a wonderful Miklaus costume, which we could borrow…

After dinner, Levente serenaded us with music (he is a very awesome musician) and the rest decorated our room.  It was a fun, relaxing time in our recreation room.

IMG_4057IMG_4102The room is starting to look FESTIVE…

Even Elder Felsted got decorated!
Even Elder Felsted got decorated!

After everything was in order, it was time for a visit by Miklaus!  Elder Felsted was praying he would not have to do this (being the logical choice), however, Timi said Miklaus HAD to be a Hungarian!  WHEW!  Elder Felsted was saved… and TIMI was Miklaus… And she had a ball!  She insisted that EVERYONE had to sit on Miklaus’ lap!

IMG_4119Eszter, one of our investigators and dear friend of Timi, had a blast!  I don’t have room for all the pictures but it was a very fun event…  Each person got some special Christmas candy…

IMG_4196Pretty funny to see the boys on Timi’s lap!

IMG_4150The kids insisted that we had to take part in this…

IMG_4131IMG_4180Too bad we did not understand what was being said… However, EVERYONE went home happy!  Another fun day with the YSA in Budapest!!!




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