Family History Presentation

We have a new Senior Missionary couple in Hungary these days,  the Broadheads.  And they are an “area” couple.  Not only do they serve in Hungary, but they are in charge of the family history in several surrounding countries.  So since I am such a Family History nut, I try to get the YSA involved in family history as much as I can.  Actually we have started having a Family History moment once a month with our YSA… And have different topics each month.

On Monday, December 2, 2013, we advertised on our Budapest YSA Facebook page that the Broadheads would be coming to help them with their family history.  We had a nice turnout for that and the YSA were very interested!  Of course, Timi was the translator!!!

IMG_4035IMG_4041They presented a little booklet, My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together – in Magyar to each of the YSA and talked about how to start your family history with the ideas in the booklet.

IMG_4046Another great Family Home Evening lesson… Thank you, Elder and Sister Broadhead!



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