Eszter’s Baptism…

Gabor joined the Church in Atlanta, Georgia in August 2012, when he went to visit a friend he made on Facebook.  He came to the Buda Building shortly thereafter, with one of our YSA whom he had met – also on Facebook!  We were there that evening and immediately greeted him and took his picture!  He was in his final year of college and came to our events as much as he could.

Picture taken Aug 12, 2012, the day after our 50th wedding anniversary.
Picture taken Aug 12, 2012, the day after our 50th wedding anniversary.

He and Timi became great friends and they soon became inseparable!  Timi helped him study for his English exams he needed to pass for graduation.

Timi and Gabor - cooking demonstration April 2013.
Timi and Gabor – cooking demonstration April 2013.

Eszter, one of Gabor’s younger sisters, soon became Timi’s friend and Timi started coaching Eszter in German.  They usually met in one of the lounges at our YSA center. Timi first brought Eszter to one of our Friday meetings the 11th October 2013.

IMG_2993One day one of the sets of missionaries here in Buda came into the building complaining that all their programs (discussions) had dogged them.  Timi and Eszter were having a lesson.  So Timi said, Teach Eszter, she will listen to a lesson.  So that is how Eszter got involved with the Church and started taking missionary discussions.  (Of course, she knew that her brother had joined the Church and I am sure he was a good example to her. He has taken his Church membership very seriously.)  And she had been coming to our activities, too!  She knew in a very short time that the Church was true because the Holy Ghost had testified to her!

Meanwhile, her brother Gabor was on another trip to Atlanta to visit his friend and take out his endowments in the Atlanta Temple.  Gabor’s friend had relatives in  St. George, so they went there for Thanksgiving.  By the time he got home, Eszter was beyond ready to be baptized, but she wanted her older brother to baptize her.  Very exciting time!

Eszter Baptism CGabor and Eszter’s parents have been very supportive for their children’s endeavors.  In fact, the little sister now comes to Church with them and attends Primary.

Thanks, Timi!

Eszter Baptism w:TimiPest Ward is ROCKING!



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  1. Elder and Sister Felsted,
    I am in the US military stationed in Germany. My son is 14 and is working on his Eagle Scout award for the Boy Scouts of America. He has expressed interest in doing a project where he would collect needed items (clothing, school supplies, books, hygiene items, ??) and deliver them to a worthy organization. Perhaps you might know of one in Budapest? We thought we could collect here and then drive them to Hungary. We’re not trying to pile onto your workload on your mission, just looking for a contact there, maybe someone who speaks english at an orphanage or home of some kind.

    By the way, we are the YSA leaders in our Ramstein Ward here in Deutschland. Our daughter is on a mission in the Philippines.

    Please let me know if we could be of assistance.


    Mark and Alex Kirchhoefer
    Ramstein Air Base, Germany

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