December 2013 Baptisms…

Dec 7, 2013, there were two baptisms in the Pest Ward …  Both young men have been investigating for over a year and decided it was time for the big event.

Tomas, is young, 19 years old.  Gabor is 34 and above YSA age.  But since they are both in the Ward where we attend, we have gotten close to them…

Tomás (left) and Gabor
Tomás (left) and Gabor

We first met Tomás when we first came to Budapest.  He was attending one of the English classes that the Sister Missionaries were teaching in the Buda building.  He was a troubled young man but we have seen a lot of progress since that time and were happy to see him baptized.

Tomás with Mission President Smith and his wife.
Tomás with Mission President Smith and his wife.

Gabor is mature and liked the LDS lifestyles and values.  He has accepted the Priesthood and a ward calling and it is fun to interact with him and see his growth.  He has attended some of our events – having been invited by Timi.  We suspect he will be one of the leaders in Hungary one day!

IMG_4226We try to attend every baptism in the three Budapest Wards of potential Young Single Adults.  Most of the time these are scheduled for Saturdays.  That keeps us busy as we bring a treat to share, also!


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