Gringos Amigos

1378779_609749815734844_364927814_nHere is the original staff of the newly opened Gringos Amigos, patterned after a couple of popular Mexican-American restaurants in the western United States.  There are four LDS owners, two people who live here in Budapest and are involved in a Utah based company, one returned missionary to Hungary who married a Hungarian girl, lived in the US and was looking for a career change, and another Hungarian woman.  Their first restaurant opened in Kecskemét and this one, in Buda, opened in November.  The original date for opening in Buda was May but they had many governmental delays, which I won’t detail here. (Use your imagination!)

We went on the opening day and received a bunch of these coupons to pass out to our friends!

IMG_3952The mustache is part of the advertising and the workers all wear black shirts with these cute mustaches on them…

The place is decorated very charmingly.  We like the homemade tiles.

New best choice for the missionaries!
New best choice for the missionaries!

IMG_3983Very nice art work….

Dare you to pronounce those Hungarian words!
Dare you to pronounce those Hungarian words!
On one of our many trips there.
On one of our many trips there.

It is a block from a popular mall and across from office buildings, which include the Utah based business.  Within walking distance of the Mission Home.  One of the great bonuses of this business is that it has been hiring some of our YSA:  Norbi, who has never worked before and has been looking for work since he got out of HS, Ricsi, his fiancee, Heni, Gabus, and Viktor and Lena, a young married couple.  Norbi has discovered he loves to cook!  And if the business does well, they will make more restaurants and these kids can hopefully work their way up in the business.

And the food is good!  They have contracted to use local foods – no preservatives, etc.  I am trying to influence them to use local leaf lettuces or cabbage, though – who wants iceberg?

My taco salata. I never order meat.
My taco salata. I never order meat.

Americans who love American-Mexican food are a sure bet for this new restaurant.  Missionaries are there as often as they can afford it.  And it seems to be gathering some attention from the locals.  See the site below.

The cost is pretty comparable to other places that we have gone for lunch.  Perhaps out of the price range for the poorer Hungarians, though.  But we are hoping they are a success and that some of our YSA can find a career with this company.


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