Kellemés Ünnepeket from Hungary!

Missionaries from the five Hungarian zones.
Missionaries from the five Hungarian zones.  President Smith designed this card and sent it to all the missionaries and their families.

During the week of December 16 through 20, the Mission President held five zone meetings.  The mission is divided into 5 zones, the West, the Southwest, Budapest, East and Southeast.

At these conferences, the Assistants to the President (APs) gave us a training about who we are and who we want to become.  We were challenged to make POSITIVE statements in the third person, on a piece of paper, on who we want to become. then post it where it can be read and read the traits daily.

The Zone Leaders of each zone had some time to train, also.  Our ZLs chose two Christ-like attributes, Hope and Knowledge (see Preach My Gospel on Christ-like Attributes).  Our Training Sisters talked about Why do we love the Lord?  They mentioned diligence and obedience as ways to show our love of the Lord.  It is so amazing to me that these are 19-21 year old youth, planning and conducting these training sessions!!!  And they do a terrific job!

Two Senior Missionaries talked at our zone conference.  The Wiggins will be leaving in February, so this will be their last zone conference.  Brother Wiggins mentioned some of the humanitarian projects that they have completed.  The Church bought two electric dryers for the Disabled Home for Youth in Perbal, for instance.  Before they had them, the halls were filled with the typical drying racks.  BTW, the Church does not do advertising about these kinds of projects… they prefer helping in a quiet way and gradually the Church is becoming known for these kinds of humanitarian projects (and they do a LOT of them!!).

Sister Smith told the story of the service her daughters and husband did one Christmas for her. Their missionary son sent home a pottery nativity set from Brazil and it arrived in pieces.  While she was off, they glued all the pieces back together!  Then she told “A Nephite Christmas Story, The Night Without Darkness” one of their favorite Christmas stories.

President Smith then concluded the training with some details about the increased missionaries in our Mission and the increased units in the Stake.  Once the smaller units have a certain number of priesthood members, they can become a Ward.  Once they have 5 wards in a certain area, they can make a new Stake.  That is the next goal – to have 2 Hungarian Stakes, which will bring more blessings to the Hungarian Saints.  For instance, there is a two year wait for Patriarchial Blessings now.  With two Stakes, there will be two Partriarchs and a much shorter wait.

Tables all set for the Christmas Zone lunches.
Tables all set for the Christmas Zone lunches.

Sister Smith, Sister Carpenter and Sister Felsted spent a couple of hours the Saturday before the conference, preparing some ingredients for the homemade lunches served during the conference.  We made up stuffing ingredients, froze them and then on each day, Sister Carpenter and Sister Felsted assembled Chicken and Stuffing dinner, cooked them and cooked the other parts of the meals, peas and corn.  Seniors brought salads and desserts.  Don’t think anyone went home hungry!  (NOTE:  there is nothing like Pepperidge Farm stuffing packages that we found here…)

After lunch, everyone went upstairs to play games, do a white elephant exchange and have a visit by Miklós (St Nicklaus).

The upstairs family room in the Smith's mission apartment.
The upstairs family room in the Smith’s mission apartment.

IMG_4483Some of the white elephant gifts were pretty funny – like the Hello Kitty case or the bag of garlic like we got!

Miklós dresses a bit differently in Hungary.
Miklós dresses a bit differently in Hungary.  He brought everyone a package of gifts!

IMG_4495The gifts included a Christmas Card from the Prophet and his two Counselors and a temple recommend holder with the Hungarian Seal on it… and some donated items from parents and senior missionaries.

Everyone was spiritually fed and had the opportunity to have a wonderful meal and some relaxing time with their peers!

Kellemés Ünnepeket from Hungary!


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