Pre-Halloween FHE

Halloween is one American tradition that the YSA kids seem to really enjoy.  As one of them said – pretty similar to our Farshang holiday and this way we can have two of them!  So who doesn’t like to dress up?

We started by buying 5 fair sized pumpkins, which we carved on Monday October 21, 2013 as our FHE activity.  Last year we had to do this in the RS kitchen, as the recreation room was getting the floor refinished.  MUCH easier in our recreation room…

Levente and an investigator, Barbara
Levente and an investigator, Barbara
Adri and Norbi
Adri and Norbi
Give a boy a knife and what do they do???
Give a boy a knife and what do they do???
Timi and Gabus
Timi and Gabus with theirs
Feri and Lavi
Feri and Lavi show off theirs

Some of the kids present did not want to get their hands icky… so we decided to do one.

Timi took this one...
Timi took this picture proving we do have fun…
This was ours...
Finished product

These pumpkins were used as decorations for the Halloween Buli, the following Friday.  We refrigerated them from M-F.  We bought little battery lights that look like candles to put inside them.  We used the pumpkins in the stairwell at the entry level and up the stairs to our recreation room.

Pretty cute!
Pretty cute!






  1. Fun to see and hear all about what you are doing in Hungary. I look forward to your posts. You remain in my prayers. Hope you are completely recovered from the fall.

  2. Perhaps a bit more time will heal you completely. It’s been less than a month and these things do take a little time. I took an horrific fall in Oct of last year….broke 4 bones but now I am as right as rain……no limitations…,. healed much more quickly than predicted….am so thankful !

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