Halloween Buli

Poster announcing our party.
Poster announcing our party.  It was posted on Facebook and sent to all the branches and wards in the country.  Ricsi (Richie) made this poster…

Friday, October 25, 2013 was our planned Halloween Buli.  This was the third all-nighter party of the year.  All the YSA in Hungary are invited to these all-night parties.

This weekend also happened to be Stake Conference and Elder Herbertson was there to add some territory to our Stake boundaries.  (We now have more cities in our Budapest Hungary Stake and the Mission Districts are smaller!)  Unfortunately, we did not check the Stake Calendar before scheduling our party – but it turned out to be perfect!  Elder H flew in the Friday night of our party and a Fireside was planned from 7-8 PM the same night.  (Our institute classes is Friday from 6-7 PM).  The YSA kids were excited to have a General Authority come and talk to them.  He is Scottish and we loved his brogue – especially when he was imitating his father, a former Bishop!  He told us wonderful stories of conditions in Scotland when he was growing up – how the branches were small because of previous mass immigrations of so many to America after their conversions in the 1800s and early 1900s.  In fact, he had the missionaries raise their hands if they had ancestors from the British Isles.  Almost 100% of us did.  One of the stories was about a camping trip that his father, the Bishop, planned with the youth at Loch Lomond.  One side is a complete wilderness and he had arranged for a bus to drop them off in the wilderness.  After the bus left and they were setting up their camp, they noticed that they had failed to bring the propane camp stove, which they needed to cook their food.  They had the tank of propane.  So he called on the youth to join him in a prayer.  Afterwards, he told them to fan out and check the surroundings and find a stove.  Within 10 minutes some had found an old rusty camp stove, which had the same fittings that would work on the propane tank and which worked!!  After a prayer of thanksgiving they set it up and it worked all week.  At the end of the week, it was returned to where it was found!  We all loved these stories of faith!! (We should have more faith like this!!)  He also encouraged our youth to invite their friends to meet with the missionaries to help build the Church here in Hungary.

After our fireside, we changed into our party clothes!

Adri was in charge of the decorations and it helped that I have spent some time and money buying clear plastic containers for organizing the decorations, sewing materials, craft items, etc.  2 Halloween boxes, 1 Farsang box, etc.  I could not stand the cardboard boxes of various sizes stacked on the cabinets in our office.  Now it is easier to to find things.  And using recycled decorations save a lot of time and money.

Using recycled decorations save a lot of time and money

The hallway at the top of the stairs and entrance to the recreation room.
The hallway at the top of the stairs and entrance to the recreation room.
The haunted house complete with bats....
The haunted house complete with bats…. and a witch checking up on it all…

President and Sister Smith and Elder Herbertson came and spent some time at our party and even ate dinner with us!  (Sloppy Joes, chili, open face sandwiches, veggies and dip, chips, desserts, etc.)

IMG_3315He even took time to mingle with the guests…

Peter and Barbie were doing the music
Peter and Barbie were doing the music.  There are certain advantages for the kids who often come to the mission home/YSA center – like meeting GAs…

It was pretty funny when the PIRATE Elder Felsted came charging into the room, yelling in his best pirate voice,  … ARGHHH!  I am not sure he can ever go back to the shy, retiring person he has been all his life!

Poster board mustache, eyebrows and sideburns.
Poster board mustache, eyebrows and sideburns.  Cardboard sword covered in foil.
Eating is always a party activity...
Eating is always a party activity…
Our Institute Director, Brother Kusckar, on the left, was there.
Our Institute Director, Brother Kusckar, on the left, was there.

Some really cute outfits…. showing ingenuity rather than lots of money…

Ricsi and Heni – the beekeeper and his honey bee!
Adri loves ghoulish stuff and cowgirl Anna
Adri loves ghoulish stuff and cowgirl Anna
Gergo's girlfriend came in camo
Gergo’s girlfriend came in camo
Beethoven Levente
Beethoven Levente
The Ghoul Wedding was pretty funny!
The Ghoul Wedding was pretty funny!
Dia, with a ghost cookie and an eyeball (floated in the punch), Anna and sportsperson, Viki
Dia, with a ghost cookie and an eyeball (floated in the punch), Anna and sportsperson, Viki

Five prizes were given out for the costume contest.  Viki helped me to design a voting form for easily tallying up the votes!  Elder Felsted won one – even though he did not want to take a spot, they insisted he had to win something…  (the kids who know him really love him…).  After the contest, it was time to party….

Lots of various kinds of dancing...
Lots of various kinds of dancing…
The kids from Miskolc are very close to each other.
The kids from Miskolc are very close to each other.

Everyone loves karaoke…

The more the merrier.
The more the merrier.

It is fun when it is up on the screen so everyone can see the words…

Yes, they sing those words….

About midnight, Barbie and Péti went home and Norbi took over the music duties…

IMG_3515One of the reasons for these parties is for kids to meet each other.  Joci came early from Papa.  We have not met him before and neither had Timi.  Since Timi was there early, they both ended up helping us in the kitchen before the party started – and getting to know each other…

IMG_3298At this party, we had about 40 attend (if they all got counted, no matter what I do, not all who attend will sign in…) – 10 of which were non-members, investigators, etc. Plus there were 6-8 missionaries with their investigators.  Of course, the missionaries can only stay a while.  They are not YSA, they are missionaries!!!  We have at least three of these investigators getting baptized in December.  The parties and other activities are a way for them to meet and mingle with other LDS kids their same ages..

Some of the out of town kids stayed all night in the lounge rooms – waiting until their trains would be up and running in the morning..  Some of the in-town kids and some of the out of town kids went for a walk down to the Duna and Margit Island – and the Parliament building is so beautifully lit up at night… They were apologetic that they made us stay up all night and left about 6 AM.  (That was an hour earlier than the last party!)   The rest went home about 2 PM after cleaning up and taking down all the decorations.  The kids are awesome about cleaning everything up!

The Office Couple, the Carpenters, help us out so much!!!  Their costumes is the aprons!  HA
The Office Couple, the Carpenters, help us out so much!!! We really could not do everything by ourselves.  Their costumes is the aprons! HA!!  Can you tell what I am??? (Indian maid – my headband was on someone else at that moment…)

After the Carpenters went home, we cut up the pumpkins so we could bake them and save the pulp for pumpkin pies and bread!  It took a couple of hours to do four pumpkins.  (Timi took hers home…)

We waited until the pumpkin job was done before we did the final clean-up of the kitchen.  That was about 5:30 AM and Elder Felsted mopped the kitchen floor as I was working at the sink.  I took a step on the wet floor and fell, spraining my left ankle!!!  (This was the same foot that I broke and sprained two toes earlier this year!)  Luckily I only bruised my hip when I hit the ceramic tile!  But my foot was swollen for about two weeks – no walking on it during that time…

When we finally got home about 6:15 AM – WE CRASHED INTO BED…. Staying up all night is not for the faint-in-heart – however, the Lord has blessed us to be able to do this several times since we have been here and not get sick.  It takes us a few days to get back on a normal (well, what is normal for our calling) time schedule..  We have one more all-night party, the Szilveszter Buli (New Year’s Eve Party) and I think we will end all night parties in Hungary and have Saturday parties in the future…  (Well, not sure about New Year’s Eve…but we won’t be here for the 2014 one..)



      1. YUP! 23 months and we have less than 6 months to go. Time has flown by so quickly. Thanks and a Merry Christmas to you, too!

  1. Connor – you know that someone better will replace us! Everyone who is called does their best and look who we replaced – others who were just as great or better than we! We miss you, too!

  2. Fantastic posts on your blog – you bring Eastern Europe alive and the people are wonderful – just like in Mongolia! We will beat you home by 2 months. It has been a remarkable time for you and for us. We can wait to compare what we have experienced. Val

    1. Hi Val, It will be so fun to get together… Are you planning a trip up to Utah?
      Our mission is TAME compared to yours – minus 40 degree weather, both getting pneumonia, falling into potholes in the SIDEWALK, etc… I am really afraid we will miss the YSA kids something terribly… and all the other wonderful people we have met, members, non-members, missionaries…

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