Apartment Checks in Veszprém and Székesfehérvár

The Cromars were a senior couple who served in Székesfehérvár and they have since completed their mission and returned home.  Since that time there have been no senior missionaries who replaced them – yet!  So other senior miissionaries have been taking turns driving to these two towns and checking the apartments of the 5 sets of missionaries who live there.  It was our turn and it sounded like a new adventure, so off we went!

These two towns are close to Lake Balaton, which we have driven by before.  And it was a beautiful fall day when we did this, Monday, October 21, 2013.  The only issue is that we needed to be back for Family Home Evening in the evening.  We set up appointments at 10 AM in Vesprém and our latest appointment was at 1:30 in Székesfehérvár.  (By the way, Székes means a cathedral, fehér is white, and vár is castle…).  It used to be the capital of Hungary.

It is nice to have the GPS – but, of course, it did not take us directly to the first apartment.  We ended up in this darling area of Veszprém, somewhere close to the Sisters apartment…  So I had Ron stop and I took pictures of the cute buildings!

IMG_3053We were on a cute curvy street…

IMG_3061IMG_3059IMG_3063The Sisters live in an apartment on a very tiny, windy one-way street.  After a call to them to come outside so we could see them, we got there…  This craft shop is across the street from their apartment..

IMG_3071Wish I had taken the time to investigate that….

IMG_3072This is the street where they live…. craft store on left, their building on right… The poor GPS did not have a chance!

So here is a unique floor of a room in their apartment… windows to the staircase below?

IMG_3068Here is a nice building…

IMG_3075The next missionaries along our planned route, lived in a 10 story apartment building (another posting sometime).  But I liked the way that the owners painted these.

IMG_3078On to Székesfehérvár..  We saw these along the way – but it was obvious to us that they are not being used or were abandoned…

IMG_3086We have seen other nuclear power plants around the country, but not so close to the road.

The first noticeable item we see is a CHURCH, imagine that!  What is amazing is how uniform so many of them are…  (Maybe not so amazing… many of our LDS chapels have a certain look to them, too!)

Church in Székesfehérvár

Both sets of missionaries here lived in ten story (built in Soviet era) apartment building and these pictures show their view out their windows.  But the great thing is that someone is painting the buildings and not leaving them concrete gray, like so many others that we have seen.

Pretty colorful!
Pretty colorful!

IMG_3092The other set of missionaries had a better view…

IMG_3096I am sure there were prettier parts of Székesfehérvár that we could have seen… but time was the issue and we had to return for Family Home Evening.

Beautiful fall colors on the highway.
Beautiful fall colors on the highway.

Nice little diversion trip but also a necessity.  Not only do we seniors check on how well the younger missionaries are keeping up their apartments, we check their safety equipment (CO monitors, fire alarms) and note if there are any other issues that need to be resolved.



  1. Wow! The memories that come flooding back. Thanks for sharing all the news. Which branches are now included in the Stake. You mentioned that some were added.

    thanks again, rose dukelow

  2. Hi Rose, Guess you were here in Hungary at some time?? Szeged, Pecs, Kaposvár, Szolnok are now in our Stake. Békéscsaba is a mission branch by itself and the far east is a district and the far west is a district. Of course, Győr has been a ward in our stake before we came. Next step will be to divide the stake into two! I think that Szeged will soon be a ward – so many are joining the Church down there…

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