A Birthday Cake

Viki wanted to make Elder H an American birthday cake for his birthday.  So we set up a time when she could come to our apartment to make one for him.  We could not find any round cake pans from any of our Senior Missionary friends and our center did not have any.  So we decided to  use a 9 x 13 (ish) pan, cut the cake in 1/2 and layer it that way.

We found a recipe for a Devil Food Chocolate Cake online (love the internet!!!) and Elder Felsted and I guided her.  (Elder Felsted has become the Süti Király – Dessert King – since being here, so his opinion is important!)

Proud cake maker
Proud cake maker

Vicki even cleaned up her mess!!!  She is a wonderful young woman, if you could not tell… She was baptized in the summer of 2012 before we arrived…

IMG_3015We decided to take the frosting over to the Center and frost it there. And here is the finished project and a happy Elder!

IMG_3023And a picture with Viki, Dia (her non-member friend who attends Church and missionary discussions), a present (Hungarian 2014 calendar), Elder H and us..

IMG_3021Another day working with the YSA in Hungary…


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