Service Project in Felsőgöd

One of our YSA members heard about someone in the Pest Ward who needed some help chopping wood.  So she thought that might be a good project for the YSA.  So on September 23, 2013 we went back to the train station to take a train to a suburb of Göd, Felsőgöd!  This little area is in Pest County and is north of Budapest.  We did this in lieu of Family Home Evening and met at 4 PM at the train station.

IMG_2857While we were waiting for everyone to gather at the station, we got some help from an English speaking guide.  She helped us buy our tickets. Then we had to find train 6…

IMG_2858We walked about 1/4 mile from the train station to the home.  Some cute homes in this little place…

Love their use of color.
Love their use of color.

IMG_2894Once there we discovered that the family had a splitter, which was a present from family members, who thought this was easier than the old fashioned way!  (I think the Felsteds need a splitter, now that I have seen one and how easy they are to work..)  The family we were helping decided to see if using their wood stove would be more economical than the high price of fuel.  (In our situation at home, we just prefer wood heat.)

So the mother of the home told the kids how to work the machine and some of the kids started splitting the wood. 

IMG_2874Everyone had a job.  Lavi handed the wood to Levente, Viki operated the machine. Levente directed the wood.  Adri took the split pieces and stacked them into a wheelbarrow. Levi was chopping the wood the old-fashioned way…  The Felsteds stacked the wood in the back yard…until our old backs started hurting…

IMG_2888The Dad came home from work and started sawing some the larger pieces into more manageable sizes.  He got several loads of this hard oak wood delivered to his home.

IMG_2900Levente and Levi decided they would let the girls do the splitting and they would flex some muscles!

IMG_2907Meanwhile out back….

IMG_2909Their garden was on the side of the house.

The couple was still getting food from their garden!
The couple was still getting food from their garden!

And it started to get dark…

Two wheelbarrows full of wood.
Two wheelbarrows full of wood.

I had brought some food – sandwich makings – to feed the kids; but the mother had prepared a wonderful meal for us!  So after a hard work-out, we enjoyed eating and resting a bit before we left.  They even drove us back to the train station.

Adri, Viki, Lavi
Adri, Viki, Lavi
The two Leventes.
The two Leventes.
and us...
and us…

The Nygati Train Station at night… some of these old buildings are so beautiful.

IMG_2948Some pictures from the internet of Nyugati Station…back in the old days and now.

c66de887c34cfb0d1376b719773540947478dd42Another day in the lives of the Young Single Adults in Budapest.


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