Normafa Picnic

We arrived home from the Ukraine on Monday, a Family Home Evening day.  The Carpenters picked us up at the airport at 4:30 PM.  As soon as we were home, we changed into hiking clothes and got over to the center.  We set up a sandwich making center (the Carpenters got us some of the veggie ingredients), had the kids make their own sandwiches and pack their picnic dinner and off we went.

We took the bus up to the Normafa Park.  Off we went down the hill to an unknown (to us) picnic area.  Then someone remembered that a certain YSA was supposed to meet us there – none of us was sure where there was – but it was probably not down a trail.  So we turned around to see if this person was where the bus let us off.

IMG_3535The person was not to be seen around the bus area, so we decided to go to another area closer to the bus.  It was a large field with children’s play equipment.  There were benches around the edges….

IMG_3541How many YSA can balance Norbi and Levi?

IMG_3556It was quite a few!  The weather was gorgeous – a lot cooler up in the Buda Hills.

IMG_3554Péti and Barbie playing around in the trees…

IMG_3559And as the sun goes down a little game of frisbee..

IMG_3567A last look back to the beautiful setting and we discovered that the lights were on up at Elizabeth Tower or Erzsébet-kilátó.

IMG_3569On the bus back down to Buda..

IMG_3571Another fun activity…


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