Timi Graduated!

“In the Church, obtaining an education and getting knowledge are a religious responsibility. We educate our minds so that one day we can render service of worth to somebody else.”

—Russell M. Nelson, “Focus on Values

That quote was in my Daily Message today and I thought it was appropriate since I wanted to do a posting on Timi graduating from a local university.  She has been steadily plugging along, taking course work for a few years.  She seems to be quite gifted in languages.  To get her degree in English, not only did she have to take English exams, but also another language.  She did German – passing both written, grammar and speaking tests.  (She also speaks Romanian and I believe French.)

IMG_2024We felt it was an honor to be invited to her graduation.  Graduation is a big deal!  We and the Wiggins, the Humanitarian couple, were invited.  Not only do we employ Timi to teach us Hungarian and so some translation for us; but the Wiggins use her talents a lot as they try to find service projects and need help negotiating for those projects.  Timi also invited Sister Smith, however, she had business to take care of…

IMG_2025Her friend, Gabor, and Adri also attended.  Of course, her brother, Norbi was there!

IMG_2032Timi’s family:  Uncle with son, Grandmother, Norbi, neice, Timi, Mother, Grandfather, Aunt with daughter.  Proud family – and rightly so!  Norbi, Timi and her mother are the only members of the Church in her family.

GOOD JOB, Timi!  Gratulálok!

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