New YSA Leadership

Adri has been our YSA Council President since May 2012 – that is before we arrived.  She has done a great job.  She has been flexible and willing to learn new things.  She is very creative, also!  We have tried very hard to mentor her and not “be in charge.”  Her secretary was Péter H, and Péter V, Norbi, Aniko, Evi, were on her council.  It appears she did not have “counselors” like is supposed to happen (we think).  We met with this council every Wednesday evening since we have been here.

IMG_1455This is what those meetings looked like – sitting around a table discussing various things for one hour.  On the table you can see they all have a 3 month calendar, which they update weekly, as they add or change upcoming events.  The calendar is then posted on the bulletin board so everyone knows what is going on…

Once a month Adri and Péter H also met with the Advisory Committee, which consists of a representative of the Stake Presidency, the Institute Director, the Mission President and us.

Well, changes have to be made every so often.  Adri has worked hard and now would like to do some other things, like work on submitting her papers to serve a mission.  The Stake Presidency called Levente, a recently returned missionary who served in the Salt Lake City North mission, to be our newest YSA Council President.

IMG_1986He was set apart by President Westsik on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 and he conducted his first meeting as President on Friday, July 12th.  He is a bit overwhelmed with everything at the moment.  But seems to have some good ideas and we know he will be the leader that the Lord wants as our YSA Council President at this time..  Now he has to pick his council and get to work!  (And he speaks English…. so we will be able to understand what is going on a bit better!  Although, I am thinking Adri is still going to insist I learn more Hungarian!! She loves to tease me about nem beszélek Magyarul…)

IMG_1809Levi loves to play the piano and organ and is quite gifted in those endeavors.  He has hopes of getting a music college degree – organ preference.

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