Picnic on Margit Sziget

After being cooped up in our building all winter, Adri figured that we needed some picnics.  The first two were rained out since we decided that being out in parks is not the place to be in thunder-storms with severe lightning strikes!

5876976However, on Monday, July 8, 2013, the weather cooperated and we agreed to meet at 6 PM at the entrance to Margit Island. Margit Island is between Pest and Buda and one gets to it in the middle of the Margit Hid (Bridge).  The 4, 6 villamos line takes us right there. Margit Island was closed for several weeks after the Danube flooding.  In this picture the Margit Hid is at the far end.

IMG_3255Once there, we walked past the newly designed water fountain and down to the middle of the island, to a large grassy area.  There we set up our picnic dinner (sandwiches, veggies and dip and cookies), ate, played badminton and frisbee, talked, watched people peddling rental bike carriages, battled mosquitoes, noted some homeless men gather their sleeping gear from hiding places in the woods, etc.

IMG_3239Here is most of the group.

IMG_3245Adri handed everyone notes to write something for Arne.  Arne left for home, Germany, two days after this.  We will miss him… but this seems to be our lot with the RMs that drop into our center for a few months here and there.

IMG_3246Felsted Elder and Arpi talking.

IMG_3242Norbi and Barbi trying their hand at badminton.  Barbi and I also played about 20 minutes. A fall, which resulted from me stepping into some animal hole, did not stop me!

IMG_3257The gardens were beautiful.

IMG_3261On the way back, we stopped and watched the beautiful water and light show at the brand new water fountain.  Shows on the hour every hour.  They took the old fountain out and replaced it with a new one and it was just opened this last month.

IMG_3274Arne, Viki, and Adri.  Viki just moved to Budapest for a job from Székesfehérvár and we are happy to see her actively involved in our YSA here in Buda.

I took some great movies of 4 or 5 of the musical presentations.  Here is one:


IMG_1277Cute bike-ride-mobile that you can rent…

IMG_1308This picturesque church was near the far end of the island.  From the sign on the front of this church:  “The St. Michael’s Provostship Church of the Premonstratensians was built in pure Roman style in the 12th century.  During the Turkish Wars, in 1541 the building was completely destroyed.  The ruins were excavated in 1923 and the little church was rebuilt in 1930-31.”  These last two pictures were taken on our first trip to the island this Spring.

Margit Island also has a very large public pool system and water slides, etc. There are other items of interest on the island too – clubs, concerts, etc. The whole island is off limits to Junior Missionaries.  I believe that is because of the skimpy clothing (or lack thereof) of some of the public, although we have not witnessed that in our two visits to the island.  (thank goodness…)


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