4th of July Drama

July 4th Soap OperaOur latest dramatic endeavor was a story originally written by Aniko and Timi – then modified by Gabor, who decided the characters were not “fully developed.”  Norbi did the cute poster entitled:  Independence and Constraint.  Adri and Norbi directed. Gergö filmed everything.

The plot revolved around some Revolutionary War period friends who were undecided about how they felt about claiming independence from Great Britain.

There was Peter and Barbie as Edward and Elizabeth …

IMG_3211Timi and Gabor as Jane and William ….

IMG_3213Arne and Annamaria as James the congressman and Caroline, his wife…

IMG_3215We were cast as aristocrats and parents of Elizabeth and Caroline.

IMG_3217Felsted Elder dialogue was:  És terméteszetes.  Legyetek nagyon boldogok!  Naturally. We are very happy!  I had two words to say:  Igen! Csalatados!  Yes! Amazing!  (one audience member said he would never forget the way I said Csalatados.. which means I pronounced it REALLY wrong…).

I prepared a Keynote (power point) presentation with a very brief outline of the 13 Colonies and why they sought independence. Gabor and I read it out loud to the audience and Gergö filmed both my presentation and the play.  This is most of it – not all was filmed.


Then Peter made a very wonderful video clip of the various actors, writers, camera man, director, etc.  He used some footage from the US History Channel as the background.  Hopefully he will put that up on Facebook…

Then the play began.  Hoping that eventually gets on Facebook, too!

Some really cheap props helped create a classic look:  hats for the men designed by Felsted Elder – 3 sided poster board shapes, hats for the women – crepe paper circles held in place with rubber bands.  Long tights or socks worn under the short pants for the men.  I pulled my skirt way down so it would appear floor length…

Also, the new sheet I bought for us was used as a backdrop, with the LCD projector behind.  They brilliantly reversed the lettering on the various backdrop pictures, so it could explain to the audience where the action was taking place… congress building, park, etc.

Some pretty creative minds in our little group!  By the way, we had 35 in attendance, which included President and Sister Smith and three sets of missionaries with 3 investigators.  Our dinner consisted of grilled hot dogs (electric grill that Sister Smith found in the storage room of their apartment), baked beans, coleslaw, watermelon and chocolate chip cookies. A typical modern-day American July 4th picnic dinner.


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  1. When I first saw the title on my email, 4th of July drama I first thought maybe someone dropped a casserole dish then another dumped the green Jell-O on anothers head then a food fight ensued. HA!! Good thing there was no real drama!!

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