Service Project

There is a 85ish year old sister in the Buda Ward who needed some deep cleaning done in her house.  Perfect service project, right?  So it was planned and 4 of the YSA and two senior missionaries show up Saturday, June 29, 2013.  Adri was to meet us there and the rest were to meet us at 9 AM at Szél Kállmán Tér.  We were delayed because we were waiting for one of the youth at there – waited for over 1/2 hour!!  The person forgot that the Metro line was not working this weekend – annual rail check.  But we could not go ahead – since only Timi knew how to get there..

IMG_3164Here is Felsted Elder with the home in the background.  This was a suburb of Budapest – it took us an hour to travel there – end of the villamos line and then onto a bus… It was a very nice suburb with individual homes.  Her home had all kinds of fruit trees and a wonderful garden.  She later told us she used to have chickens and rabbits, also.  I would say her property was about 1/4-1/3 acre…

IMG_3165The problem was this:  no one thought to ask how of us many she wanted!  And SIX PEOPLE sort of overwhelmed her…  So she banished us to the darling swing set in a corner outside…  She would not allow us to touch her garden… We would have gladly done some weeding for her but she did not know us and I do not blame her!

IMG_3174Meanwhile, she took a couple of the YSA into her home at a time and had them do various things…  once she got over the initial shock of having six people show up at her house!  Timi used to Visit Teach her, so she knew Timi…

IMG_3169Adri cleaning the top of a cabinet.

IMG_3171Timi sweeping cobwebs out of corners…

Arne Service ProjectArne dusting the light covers… florescent light bulbs are big in Europe!

IMG_3166Lavi vacuumed the rugs.  Here are all four in there one time I poked my head in…

IMG_3177Here is our sweet sister with the super great helpers, Timi, Arne, Adri, Lavi!  What great kids to give up a Saturday morning to help someone else!

We went back to the Center and had LUNCH – Sandwiches – bologna and salami, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers. Nutella on bread was another option.  Chips, salsa, carrot sticks, drink….

Then play practice – for the Fourth of July DRAMA… they said not to call this one a Soap Opera!  We got home about 5 PM….



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