International Guests

As mentioned before, because we are a large center in a large city, we have YSA come and hang out with us as they breeze through Budapest.  In June we had a few guests come and visit.

Two former sister missionaries who served together in Riverside California Mission, came to Budapest for a week or so.  One, Sharlene, had her wallet stolen in France – with her green card and could not return to the USA until she went to the Embassy and got a new one.  She is originally from South Africa; her family moved to the US and she is in the process of becoming a US citizen.    These friends were visiting Europe and one of them, Kandice, had a sister who has been a nanny in a Hungarian town near Györ, near the Austrian border.  So a visit to Hungary was an obvious choice.  They stayed one night in a hostel in Pest.  It was a little “iffy” but they met a darling Chinese boy there, whose name was “Luis.”   He took this name for himself since he is studying Spanish in Spain.  He was touring around by himself and stayed at the same hostel.  So they invited him to our Monday activity – Family Home Evening..  He showed up!Image

They are showing off Felsted Elder’s carrot cake!

The two young women were really impressed with his gentle spirit and how helpful he was – he lugged their baggage all around that night.  So they asked if we had an English Book of Mormon to give to him (English is the basic language of the world, we are finding!)  However, the only one that I could find in our library – was CHINESE!  He was so excited and thrilled that we would give him a book in his native language…  Hopefully he will email me sometime in the future and I can find out how he is doing… (Hope he can bring it into his country??)

Then the week that our YSA were table-ing with the Sisters in Szél Kállmán Tér, this darling young woman ran up and said “You are Mormon?  I am Mormon”  She had joined the Church in Japan in May and was here in Hungary to go to Medical School.  (First a few months learning English very well; then Med School).  She is now a member of our YSA…

Here she is at one of our cooking demonstrations – Viki and Livi made a zucchini tomato pasta dish – and homemade lemonade!!!


Another YSA, Edina, was in town to receive her Patriarchal Blessing – she is on the second row in the plaid shirt…

So we never know who is going to show up at our meetings – it is always an adventure…  Luckily I know how to cook for large groups…


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  1. I don’t know if you remember, but while in Baltimore we had an exchange student from China stay with us. We also gave her a Chinese Book of Mormon. She was able to take it home. I believe this young man should be able to also. It is amazing how God works. Keep up your good work in helping Him! I love you blog. Andrea Curtin Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2013 19:24:05 +0000 To:

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