Batyus Bál

A group of our YSA women have been having dances at the Stake Center every couple of months.  In May it was a ball with fancy attire.  This is the second year that they have planned this ball.  They funded this ball “auctioning” off each attendee.  They would pay to spend some time (a date) with whomever they “bought.”

They started the dance with a prayer and a inspirational thought.  Gabor gave the Church doctrine about why we do not wear masks at our parties and dances.  Then the instruction began..

IMG_1710These dances take several months to prepare and this one was no different.  For this one they asked professional dancers to teach them how to waltz.  Unfortunately, at the last minute there was  a conflict and they had to find someone else.  They asked Timi and her brother Norbi to teach!  And they were fantastic.  They took their roles as dance teachers very seriously and did a fabulous job!  They have had dance lessons, themselves…

IMG_1716The dancers were instructed on the proper way to stand and hold each other as well as the actual waltz steps.  The instruction part took about one hour..  Then some very formal (classical music formal) waltzes were played and the participants danced.

IMG_1735Unfortunately, a lot of the over 18 crowd did not attend this dance but it was a success anyway!

Barbie & Peti Batyus Bal May 2013Barbie and Peti looked so darling …. and are now an “official” (announced on Facebook) item…

Ron & Kathie Batyus Bal May 2013We even got to dance!  The committee had an area set up for taking pictures…  here are some of the pictures that I took!

IMG_1752Aniko brought a friend.

IMG_1769So did T Adri.

IMG_1770Peter was one of the investigators at the dance… Timi “bought” him… and also Gabor…

IMG_1759Another one of the investigators at this dance, Margit was baptized last week.  Andras is one of our former YSA members.

IMG_1757Most of the girls lined up for their picture… Hédi, T Adri, Aniko, Cs Adri, Cs Adri’s non-LDS friend, Annamaria, Vivi, Barbie

Batyus Bal Gabor Peti NorbiSome of the boys were more creative in their picture poses – Gabor, Peti, Norbi… I labeled this one as James Bond I, II, III….

IMG_1783Even the Carpenters had fun!

After the formal part of the dance, they brought out the open faced sandwiches, chips, flavored drinks – and then back to the regular dance music.  We left them dancing away…

To get to the dance, we took the metro to the last stop and walked over to the stake building; the Carpenters drove us back home.  We are getting so brave!  (HA)


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