Doors of Szentendre

I guess people are fascinated by doors and windows when they are different than what we are used to.  There are a couple of posters here – Doors of Budapest and Windows of Budapest.  And I think you can get postcards with those on them too…  So we saw some very cute doors while in Szentendre and I took pictures of them…

Some are old and some are new.

IMG_1650Cute entrance into a little cafe…

IMG_1653Very creative entrance into a back yard?

IMG_1654We did not see any hobbits…but it looks like a hobbit house  and door or two or three…


IMG_1660IMG_1661Or maybe a lot of Szentendre-ites just like rounded doors?


IMG_1664A rounded cellar door?


IMG_1692IMG_1696IMG_1703IMG_1704That is all!



  1. wondering if the door with “R’s” is Rolls Royce? Of course the house is a Hobbit house.. you just did not show up at the right time to see them. “grin” Thanks for your great blogs.
    I am going to Salt Lake City, to the History Center next week, is it appropriate for me to go in with jeans or do I need to drag out a skirt? Thanks.

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