Szentendre – Senior Conference Trip

The day after our Senior Missionary Conference, we traveled by boat up the Danube to Szentendre.  It is about a one hour trip north of Budapest.  There are a series of picturesque towns around there.  This town is wonderfully restored and kept up and lived in.  Although it is touristy, it is not blatant.

Some of us waiting for the boat to arrive.
Some of us waiting for the boat to arrive.

It was a wonderful day – temperature was just right.  We wandered around looking at the charming little curved streets, alley ways, winding steps, churches and of course, shops!

IMG_1659Felsted Elder had fun taking pictures – hopefully he will like one of them enough to paint!IMG_1401This charming walkway led us up some steps to a wonderful old church on a hill overlooking Szentendre.

IMG_1408IMG_1409These stairs also go up to the Church on the hill…

IMG_1423Below is the main square of the town.  We ate a delicious lunch at a restaurant to the left of this square.

IMG_1446We did not walk over to this side of the town… but it looks just as pretty as the other side.

IMG_1452Love the architectural style of this place of business.

IMG_1454Here are some places of business and their wares:

IMG_1426 IMG_1405IMG_1397IMG_1395IMG_1392IMG_1649Several of the seniors bought some hand-made “secret” boxes made by a craftsman in this town. He carved the grand-children’s names for them, while they waited. I did not get a picture of his shop, unfortunately.

Below is the church on the hill.  It is called the St. John the Baptist Church and inside it there are some absolutely beautiful paintings and decor.


IMG_1680IMG_1682One of the altars dated to the 1790s…  There was a lady who sat in the foyer and watched the church during the day.  Perhaps she had a shift to sit there and protect this beautiful relic of their town.  She only spoke Hungarian and German.  I unfortunately had to tell her (Hunglish) that some young boys were using a black marker pen on the walls surrounding the church yard.  I guess that grafitti is a world-wide problem.  I talked to the boys and said what they were doing was destructive; but they disagreed and argued with me.  I should have taken their picture!

On the way down from the church.

IMG_1689This shop had some beautiful pottery.  I bought a small plate – but how to get things like this home safely???

IMG_1690Another shop we went into.  Blue and white fabric is well-known in Hungary and comes from a certain place near Lake Balaton.


In this store I bought a blue and white pot holder that had a pocket with a “chicken” inside.  The chicken becomes a hot pad handle and between the pot holder and the chicken, you can take something out of the oven with two hands.

I found this website with more information about Szentendre:


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