Cinco de Mayo Soap Opera

The Council decided that they wanted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by doing a Soap Opera for our FEFest, May 3, 2013.  Aniko volunteered to write it. Certain YSA would be the actors – except they decided they wanted Elder Felsted to have a part!  (VERY OUT OF CHARACTER FOR HIM!!!)  Evi would do a history of Cinco de Mayo so we would have some background of this supposedly Mexican celebration. I say supposedly since Evi discovered that more people in America celebrate this holiday than they do in Mexico!   Her history was in a power point format and was very well done. Norbi did the wonderful poster announcing it and also ran the sound system and the LCD projector.

IMG_1565Péti did the “promo” film announcing it and was also one of the main actors.

Luckily the kids have been taking some guitar lessons!
Luckily the kids have been taking some guitar lessons!

Barbie was the perfect drama queen:

The tears looked real!
The tears looked real!

Timi was out of character with her demure part and Feri did a fantastic job (also out of character for him). Felsted Elder practiced his 3 lines for DAYS!!!  You understand that the entire play was in Magyar???

Felsted Elder made a mustache of some white crepe paper and it was held onto his face with some string tied around his ears!  He made his sombrero of poster board and we found a blanket in our apartment that sort of looked like a serapi!  It was pretty hysterical!


And here is the entire group who all had something to do with the play…  From the left, Adri, Norbi, Felsted Elder, Feri, Péter, Timi, Barbi, Aniko, Arne, Levente.  Noémi took a video of it, which for some unknown reason (I have a MAC?) would not load in this post.

We had taco salad for dinner and had a pinata to top off the evening!

AND….. they have decided that they had so much fun doing this that there will be a 4th of July SOAP OPERA, also….  We will try to make up a back ground and some decorations for this one…


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