Mt Janos Hike

Saturday, April 20, 2013, we had no mission activity planned, so the Carpenters and the Felsteds decided to take a hike up to Mt. Janos.  It is in the Buda Hills and we took the tram 61 to the end, where we caught the Children’s train and got off at the Mt Janos stop.  It was a beautiful spring day and the trees were starting to fill out and we saw some wildflowers.  (I am wishing I had room in my luggage to bring my wildflower and tree identification guide books!)  We walked up a steep path, through the woods, and arrived at this point.  Looks like cars can drive up to this area by another route than what we took.

IMG_1530János-hegy is the highest point in Budapest. The Erzsébet lookout tower offers panoramic views of the city and the Buda Hills.  We walked up the road on the right to the top.

IMG_1531The Erzsébet Tower – Elizabeth Tower – was once used for watching for fires.  It is a very attractive building that has pictures with explanations of its construction and the history of different buildings that were here before this one. There is a chair lift that goes up and down from a certain area.  Some skiing is done here when there is enough snow.  The chair lift was closed for repairs on the day we went.  But you can see it in the video below about Erzsébet Tower.

I loved how they had little sitting areas with windows along the steps!

IMG_1539After viewing the beautiful view, we walked down the hill, got on the Children’s Train to its end.  Then onto the Cog Train down to cur neighborhood.  We found a Chinese Restaurant that looked promising around Széll Kállmán tér – and it was!  Elder Felsted and I actually went back to this one again…


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