Cooking Demonstrations

One of the things we can to do in our kitchen is cooking demonstrations, which is the only way that we are allowed to cook in our kitchen now.  So the leadership of our council decided that we should have cooking demonstrations about once a month.

Since our new convert, Noémi, is a cooking expert, we decided to ask her to demonstrate something for our April 19th Friday evening get-together.  She told  us what to buy, and we got the ingredients.  She asked Norbi to be her “cooking boy” – or he volunteered?  Lavi and Péti just pitched in and helped!

Getting things ready
Getting things ready

The kids seem to have a great fun interacting while the serious cooking was going on…

IMG_1523And here is the final product – a wonderful creamy pasta with peas, cream, cheese, and the juice and zest of lemon!  – YUM…… and our cook, Noemi and her helper, Norbi!!!  Wonderful Cooking Demonstration

Wonderful Cooking Demonstration

That same night was the first night that Levente, who recently returned from his mission to Utah, attended our YSA meetings.  So Adri made up some cute letters to welcome him home: Isten hozott itthon Levente!   Welcome home Levente – literally, God brought you (that is one way the Hungarians say welcome) home.

IMG_1460Another fun FEFest!!  Fiatal Egyedülálló Felnőttek evening – or in English YSA evening.  (Note:  A BYU professor is sitting up near the piano.  He brought a group to Budapest for some activity and wanted to drop in at one of our activities!  He was impressed!)


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