Goodbye Connor

One of the advantages of having a YSA group in a large metropolitan area is that young single adults from all over the world drop in occasionally.  They might be touring or going to school for a semester or working in Budapest – or in the case of Connor, working at the US Embassy.  Many of these youth are former LDS Missionaries who served their missions here in Hungary and when they have the opportunity to return, they jump at the chance.

Christopher on the left.
Christopher on the left.  Tortillas for dinner…

We had Chris from Cedar City here last fall for a semester abroad experience with a local university. He did not serve in Hungary (served in Japan) but has a Hungarian grandfather. Livi befriended him and translated for him and helped him with his Hungarian genealogy. As it turns out one of his friends from his university was here serving her mission (see below).  We hear some updates from Chris.

Christopher and Sister Hudspeth (now home)
Christopher and Sister Hudspeth (now home)

We now have Arne from Germany who is working here until July.  He served his mission in Hungary.  He has fit right in, also, as you can see from the Institute picture below.

Institue Class AArne is in the plaid shirt on the right side of the picture, next to Timi.

Conner came for one BYU semester.  He served here in Hungary and when he saw the chance to do an internship at the US Embassy, he was thrilled to come back.

Livi, Connor, Viki
Livi, Connor, Viki

Connor’s mother came over to do some touring with him after his work with the Embassy was completed.

Connor and his Mom
Connor and his Mom and we can see who in the family Connor looks like!

Connor is very outgoing (and talented) and so he just jumped right into all the activities!  (Of course, the fact that he had nothing better to do after a day a work, might have had something to do with his decision to spend so much time here at the mission center.)  He danced at the dances, sang at the Karoke night, got to know the missionaries assigned in Buda Ward and was a friend for everyone. He found my blog before he came and so he was familiar with some of what was going on here.  It was fun having him.  He was a good example to the YSA here.  Thanks for coming, Connor. Good luck back at BYU!


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  1. I loved this! I’m glad that I finally made your blog! I’m famous now! I really miss Budapest and you guys and the YSAs!

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