Spiritual Saturday

We had a fun and spiritual Saturday.  There were two YSA aged youth baptisms that we attended.  And another activity after that.

One we have known about for a month or so… Noémi.  Noémi started following a blog called scenesfromthewild.blogspot.com.  After a while, she asked the author, Michelle, where she could find out more about the Mormon way of life and  the Church?  See Michelle’s blog for more details.  She has been attending our YSA activities for a while and there were many YSA who came to her baptism!

The Lehnardts, Noémi and her mother.
The Lehnardts, Noémi and her mother.

You can see what a darling person she is – her personality just shines!  Her mother told me that Noémi is her angel.  Noémi was confirmed today, Sunday, April 14, 2013, in the Buda Ward.

Noémi thought she was in the Erd Branch and was taught for a while by the Erd Elders.  She also attended meetings there and even was given an assignment for Visiting Teaching.  However, once her address was known, it was noted that she lived in the Buda Ward boundaries.  So she came to her first meeting there and was overwhelmed.  She knew NO ONE, the ward is BIG, she was upset.  She wrote Michelle she was not sure about this anymore.  Michelle found my blog and immediately contacted me.  SO, we made sure she was invited to the YSA activities.  The missionaries brought her to Institute and she met with the 10-15 kids that normally attend that.  A few took her under her wing and she was happy again!  She is planning on demonstrating some cooking skill this coming Friday.

Our capable leader, Adri, cut some paper in half, got a cover designed and after the baptism, while people are waiting for the baptized person to dry off and get dressed, Adri and her helpers, passed out the sheets of paper to the audience to write something for Noémi.  Then they made a little booklet and presented it to Noémi.

Noémi, Norbi, Aniko, Péti, Adri
Noémi, Norbi, Aniko, Péti, Adri

Noémi will be a great addition to our little group!

The second baptism we just heard about a week ago.  Evidently Kori and his father received a Pass Along Card and came to the Church, wanting to know more.  So they had discussions and decided to be baptized!  They are in the Kispest Ward, which is in our Stake.  We had thought about getting there by the Metro and tram, but we found out that the Mission President and his wife were also attending.  So we rode with them!  The Bishop of that ward baptized them…

IMG_1367Elder Felsted invited Kori to attend our meetings.  He seems to be a serious young man and would also be a great addition to our YSA group.  Look for him in pictures of our activities…..  The Kispest Ward outdoes itself with after baptism food.  The sisters come with bags of bread and other ingredients and set to making the traditional Hungarian open faced sandwiches.  Others bring cookies, brownies, cakes.  There was plenty to eat by those in attendance.  YUM!

The third activity that we attended was after the food was served and cleaned up in the Kispest Ward.  There is a YSA who just returned from his mission to the Ogden Mission/North Salt Lake Mission.  His mission was split after he got there and he ended up in the Bountiful North Salt Lake City area.  We first met him at the Mission Home Tuesday April 9, 2013, where the Stake President came to release him.  Timi, a good friend, came to see him!

IMG_1271We met Levente and his proud family.  At 6’6″ he is the tallest one in his family at the moment.  (There are a LOT of very tall Hungarians!!!)  He has 4 younger brothers, one whom was born after he left on his mission!  They now have a model older brother to emulate.  We knew that his family was having a get-together – like a homecoming event – at the Kispest building but we did not know who was invited….. until Levente asked us to stay for it after the baptism.  So we informed the Mission President and his wife, that we would be taking the Metro home!

Levente had a computer set up with a LCD projector and put on a small slide show that showed his MTC group and some scenes from his early mission days. He was in a group of non-English speakers – from Tonga, Portugal, Singapore, Hawaii, and other places.  He explained most of the slides in Magyar, of course.  However, he bore a powerful testimony in ENGLISH, that had us in tears.  He had to start his Mission in Hungary, as his visa to America was delayed in getting here, so that is why he has one of his missionary name tags in Magyar.

IMG_1374Levente has another great skill:  he is an awesome musician.  He plays the organ (as well as other instruments) and was able to play the Mormon Tabernacle Organ on one of his Preparation Days.  You can view it on his Facebook page… (where I snagged this photo below)

Levente Medveczky at MoTab Organ

And he will be another powerful addition to our YSA group!  At least someone the kids can “look up to” !!!!




  1. Dear Felsteads,
    Your messages inspire me. This work is marvelous. We have sister missionaries in our ward now and so I often go along with them on teaching visits. It has been and continues to be a wonderful opportunity that we do not have when there are only Elders in our area.
    Prayers for your continued health and success!
    Donna Schott

    1. Hi Donna, Thanks so much for the prayers! We need every one we can get. Our age is showing… But we are so blessed to be here and, hopefully, doing a little bit of good for the Lord! Every mission will be seeing more SISTERS!

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