Quick Trip to Pécs

When the last batch of new missionaries came to Hungary, five of the sixteen arrived without all their luggage.  It appears that some of the luggage were randomly checked as they came through customs, as they all had the same closure tags locking their bags.  So after their initial meetings at the Mission Home, most went off to their new areas without all their luggage.  We were asked to take some luggage to Pécs, for one of the Elders there. It was a Thursday, March 28, 2013, not a busy day for us, so we said, SURE – especially since we had never been to that town before..  It is near the border of Croatia.

On the way to Pécs
On the way to Pécs

The weather cooperated, which was good.  We had quite a snow storm earlier in the week and you can see the remnants.  Pécs is southwest of Budapest and it took us over two hours to drive there. We wanted to start earlier in the day; however, the suitcase was locked in a room and the two separate people who had keys were other places.  So we waited an hour or so before we left.  That made a tighter schedule since Elder Felsted has an art class he runs every Thursday at 7 PM.

Old Church and New Church
Old Church and New Church

We drove by this old Church on the way to Pécs and we assume the one next to it is the newer version.  I wish we knew the history of this church or its name…


There are some substantial hills to drive through to get to this area of Hungary.  Here is a view of some of the drive as we approached Pécs.

The Elders were not close to the city center when we arrived, but the Sisters were.  They all live within a few blocks of each other, so it was fine that we left the suitcase with them.  We met up with them near the walking street where they live.

We drove the blue van, which belongs to the Mission.
We drove the blue van, which belongs to the Mission.

We love the cobblestone streets and roads that are found everywhere here.  We heard that Pécs is home to some branch of the UN, so they have received some funding to upgrade their town.

The new sisters meeting a friend, who sings on the street.
The new sisters meeting a blind friend, who sings on the street.

The mission has seven groups of three sisters – until the newest sisters get fully trained.  This is the three sisters in front of their apartment on one of the cute walking streets.

Love those smiles!
Love those smiles!

We offered to take them to lunch – but it was too late!  They ate at a normal time.  But they took us down the street to a very nice little place that was a favorite of theirs and we bought a very yummy chicken pita sandwich to eat on our way home.

Cute walking street
Cute walking street

We did not have too much time for sightseeing, so we left and saw some Middle Age ruins on our way out.  “The early Christian necropolis is from this era which became an UNESCO World Heritage Site in December 2000.” (Wikipedia)

IMG_1155Here is a Cathedral, built in the 11th Century.  This area has been inhabited for 6000  years.

IMG_1152We arrived back in Budapest in time for the art class – after a nice drive through the countryside of Hungary!



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