Normafa Hike

We have planning meetings every Wednesday evening with the YSA Council and one of the activities they wanted to do was a hike in the Normafa area, March 23, 2013.  Normafa is in the Buda Hills and is a large park area (we might call it a preserve).  The name comes from the Norma Tree (Norma, a type of beech, fa is the word for tree).  It was a forest and it would have been better to take this trip in the later spring or early summer, as all the trees were bare!  However, none of us knew that we would have an unusually late spring!  Where is our crystal ball when we need it?

Gabus, Lavi, Adri, Péti, Arpi, Ezti
Gabus, Lavi, Adri, Péti, Arpi, Ezti

We met at the Center and made our lunches, and then went to Széll Kálmán Tér to catch the number 21 bus, whose final destination was Normafa.  It was overcast, a bit brisk but not too cold, and it did not rain!!! (We just learned the other day that this has been the rainiest Jan, Feb and Mar in over 100 years here in Budapest!!! – it has been VERY BORING WEATHER)


We were not sure we could do this hike – we are 71! – but Ron took Aleve for his knee and I had my inhaler.  When we got there it did not look like our hikes in the Sierra Nevadas of our youth, so we chanced it.  There was only one of the six YSA who had ever been to this area before, and that was Arpi.   We assumed that Adri had, since she is the one who suggested it.  Arpi was a little nervous about not having a map.  But we just took off on one of the trails.  We meandered around for a while on the trails.  We crossed the Children’s Train tracks at one point.  This trip gave us another view of the area we went through on that little train.

Which Way??
Which Way??

After going downhill for about 1/2 hour, we (Felsted Elder and Sister) decided that was probably our limit.  We could see a junction a little ways off. So we all went there and then we decided which way to return.  They decided to return with us.

Memorial of Some Kind
Memorial of Some Kind

We came across this stone pile marker and cross, which noted some military activity.   Close by was this marker below – written in original Hungarian script.

IMG_2877We even saw a tent set up in the woods – we were thinking perhaps a homeless person stayed there.  Our little band of eight survived the trip and we got to explore a new area of Budapest!


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