Changing of the Hat Ceremony

The name of this meeting has changed to New Missionary Assignments; but the old name is sort of cute!  (Shades of Harry Potter…)  We had 16 new missionaries fly into Hungary last night, today they learned with whom they would be serving and in which town they would be serving.  Since we live very near to the Mission Home, we usually attend these meetings.

New missionaries on the right side of the room
New missionaries on the right side of the room

The Mission President and the Assistants to the President (APs) have a meeting right before this meeting to train the missionaries who will be getting brand new missionaries.  Then we have this meeting and all the new missionaries sit on the right side of the recreation room.Their trainers sit on the other side.

(APs are experienced missionaries who literally serve as assistants to the Mission President.  They council with him and help him make the decisions that the mission needs – such as where the new missionaries go; who gets transferred where, etc. Two young men usually serve as APs right before they leave their missions.)

One of the APs conducted this meeting.  He introduced the Mission President who asked that each of the missionaries present stand and briefly introduce themselves and end with a one sentence testimony.  I have to tell you what wonderful young men and women are in the mission field at this time!!!  Some are from small families and some are from 11 or 12 children.  One had 3 missionaries in the field from their personal family.  What a choice generation the Lord has raised up for these times.  As they bore their testimonies – of the Divinity of Christ, of their desire to share the happiness the Gospel has brought into their lives, of their love of families, of their desire to bring joy to the Hungarian people, Ron and I wept.  It is such a privilege to be associated with these youth!!!

With 11 sisters arriving and only 2 leaving the mission field, the Mission President and the APs have had an interesting time figuring out how to arrange them.  There are many three-somes, where one sister with seniority is training two sisters.  Eventually, they will be trained and they will be back in sets, like normal.  Luckily the Lord is involved in all these decisions and the Mission President asked all the missionaries to kneel and pray when they go to their assigned cities to receive confirmation from the Lord that they were with whom they were supposed to be.  Needless to say, it was a strongly spiritual meeting!

Hungary Budapest Sister Missionaries
Hungary Budapest Sister Missionaries

So this is every sister missionary in our Mission – which includes two that are going home tomorrow.

This is just a few of the meetings that help make a Mission run effectively and it shows how the Lord is directlng His Work.  Our Mission Presidents and their wives are choice men and women raised up to be able to manage all the work, make tough decisions and run such a large organization – all with the Lord’s inspiration.  How blessed we are to be here.



  1. Hi Ted, Keep doing what you are doing! The Lord needs workers in the vineyard and you and Priscilla are definitely hardworking vineyard workers!!!

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