Farsang is a holiday celebrated in Hungary for many generations.  For more details, follow this link:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bus%C3%B3j%C3%A1r%C3%A1s

For the YSA, it is another reason to party and dress up (two Halloweens in one year! what is not to like about that?).  And, of course, there are traditional foods eaten for this holiday, also.

IMG_0785These are open faced sandwiches, which are a very popular food here.  There is also an art to how they are arranged and presented.  Sister Smith and Sister Carpenter made these.  Elder Felsted cut all the meat, cheese, veggies for them…  I was home with a stomach issue (there is something here in Hungary that bothers my stomach every so often – and I have not yet figured it out…)  I was okay about the time the party started!

IMG_0784These are Hungarian doughnuts called Fank.  Ron and I made them all day Thursday and Friday.  They do not have a hole in the middle; but a thumbprint in the middle holds jams and jellies.  They are like a yeast cake and are fried.  We made about 200, since the council wanted a doughnut eating contest…. However, no one wanted to take part in that – so we ended up giving many fanks away at the end of the party.

The Council planned this party well.  They had cute decorations, a get-to-know you activity, a costume judging contest, pinata, line dancing, and karaoke.  And since the party only lasted until 11 – 11:30 PM, no one got bored!


Tomás, a friend of Barbie.  Cook uniform.


This is Barbie…. Cowgirl


Clark Kent… oops… Péti


Levente, the gangster….


Moses and his ten commandments: Istvan and his fiancee, Evi


The cowgirl, Aniko…






Adri, the ghoul…


Feri, in his camoflage


Klaudia and her friend.  Think she was a cat!


And Norbi, with his Iron Man suit, which took him days and days to perfect.  Made of cardboard pieces, paint, and ingenuity – remarkable!


Timi and Gabor painted their faces after they got to the party!

Cowboy Felsteds 2

We found some cowboy hats at a store – so that was when we made the decision to go as cowboys!  Luckily we brought a pair of jeans with us… (HINT:  if you go on a YSA mission, bring a couple of costumes…)

I uploaded a video clip of a popular line dance that they do to a song called Cat Man Joe on my Facebook page, if you want to check that out.   Where in the world did they learn that one???  (Probably either from a young missionary or a senior missionary…)



Eszter and Levente got to know each other at the party.

IMG_2812Many thanks to the Office Couple, the Carpenters, for helping out!  Could not have done it without them… and Sister Smith helped so much, too!


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