Goodbye to the Adams

One of our senior missionary couples left Feb 6th and the Felsteds, the Smiths and the Carpenters went out to dinner with them before they left.  The Adams ran the YSA program in Szeged and also helped with the Szeged and Békescsaba branches.  They were just replaced by the Hurlberts.

IMG_0547We went to a little restaurant at the base of the castle district.  Sister Smith was checking it out for our upcoming Senior Missionary Conference.  I guess you would call it an Italian restaurant and everyone seemed to like the food.  The Adams are in the middle on the right side of the picture.  They were real dynamos and will be missed, but I am sure the Hurlberts are up to the task!


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  1. This is Brother Murray Illes Meszaros of Ogden, Utah and formerly of Saskatchewan, Canada. My parents left Hungary as children with the parents from Miskolc area and Kisujszallas. They moved to Canada in 1927. My Hungarian is very weak. I am a convert to the Church at age 21 in 1975 and served a faithful 2-year mission a year later in Austria.

    I was wondering if missionaries are ever in Kisujszallas? I have cousins there…many of whom I no longer have contact…..but I still have some of their names in my family history file.

    Thank you!! (

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