Big Changes

In November 2012, we got a letter from the Facility Manager for the Church in our area that since The Center for Young Adults was now put under the direction of the Budapest Hungary Stake, we needed to follow the rules that all stakes and wards have of not using the kitchen.  We were expecting this – but hoping it would be later down the line… So we sent an email letter to our Stake President, asking for clarification:  can we use the crock pot, can we boil water, can we use the 3 waffle irons, when you do you want us to start this policy, etc. We heard nothing until we asked him again in our January Advisory Council Meeting with our YSA President, our Mission President, the APs, and us.  And when I asked about it, he said something to the effect, just stop cooking in the kitchen.

So, we immediately stopped!  And started taking the food from the pantry over to our apartment; the Bosch Kitchen machine to our apartment, the large bowls, the spices, the gadgets – you get the picture.  Adri recommended no more dinners on Friday – just snacks.  So we have sort of started that.  No hot meals on that day.  And when we get through the food in the pantry (we haven’t gotten rid of our food storage mindset!), then we will have more simple meals on Mondays.

We can cook, if we are demonstrating something…. but we can’t demonstrate the same thing or same type of things over and over!  There are somethings I am sure they would like to learn how to cook, so we will do that.

We know there are reasons for these rules and we will obey them.  And we realize that we have been terribly spoiled with such wonderful facilities – when other “centers” were not so equipped – or were never centers, like ours.

The main thing to realize is we are there to serve the spiritual needs of our YSA – not to provide a soup kitchen.  We are to provide a non-worldly environment where they can have a safe place of refuge and gain further light and knowledge of our Savior and His Gospel.  Hopefully we are doing that!

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