A Present From Cove

When we went into the Mission Home today, Saturday, Dec 29th, we were told that there was a package for us.  We were surprised, since we told our kids NOT to send anything – it was too expensive and just donate to a charity for us…

IMG_0437So we opened it and Lo! and Behold! it was from the Cove Ward LAURELS!  How fun! and what a sweet gesture!!!

IMG_0439Not only that, but they had this cute picture that they sent!!!

IMG_0445And they each wrote us a note wishing us a Merry Christmas season!!!  We are a small ward and the youth are SPECTACULAR!  Of course, their leaders are super, too!  Thank you so much!!!  (Only one of the myriad of reasons why we LOVE COVE WARD!)

IMG_0442There was a Christmas card plus the box was filled with presents with scriptures on them…..  We were to look up the scriptures, then try to guess what the present was.  Some were easy… D&C 9:8 … I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you… (TUMS), some were more difficult .. Psalms 23:4 …thy rod and thy staff they comfort me… (Candy canes).  VERY FUN ACTIVITY!

IMG_0443Here is a picture of our loot!  I imagine all the ward missionaries got one of these for Christmas.  Thanks so much for thinking of us!!!  WE LOVE YOU!

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