Christmas Booths in Pest

On Wednesday afternoon, November 30, 2012, Sister S, Sister C and I went to check out the Christmas booths in downtown Pest.  The booths are wooden and seem similar enough to be standardized. Not sure if the government supplies them or the owners of the businesses do.  There were perhaps 50-75 booths in this square.

IMG_2560A booth with Christmas gingerbread goodies.  Note the costumed proprietor.

IMG_2561Hungarian costume – wish I knew from what area of Hungary.

IMG_2566This is a variation of fried dough with cinnamon and sugar.  The dough is wrapped around a form and baked, and then slipped off the form. They are called Kürtöskalács.  We shared one and they are good!

IMG_2570They had all kind of glazes on their pottery items.

IMG_2573There is a certain area of Hungary known for their blue and white items – clothing, pottery, etc.  I would like to see if they have any nativity sets in those colors.

IMG_2574No controversy about this beautiful large nativity set here!

IMG_2569Beautiful large tree and lots of shoppers.  Actually, the tourist ships that come up the Danube, make a stop during this season so the tourists can come to this marketplace.  We met two sets of Americans – one from Louisiana and the other from North Carolina at this Christmas “mall.”  Pretty easy to pick out the American speakers… So we got to tell them that we are LDS missionaries, here for 1.5 – 3 years…

IMG_2578I don’t know if they bought these hats at the Christmas Booths, but we ended up following them down to the metro and got on the same train.  So I asked (sign language) if they would let me take their pictures!

IMG_2579An entrepreneur selling roasted chestnuts in a period costume.  He was situated just as we were coming out of the metro.  Not sure if he had to have a permit, but I believe so.

I did not buy anything.  Not much of a shopper and anything that is bought has to be taken home or sent home…  but fun to see the items – so many were hand-made – and the costumes.


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