Christmas Zone Conferences

We have 5 zones in our Hungarian Mission.  The Mission President decided to have Christmas Zone Conferences this past week.  So one zone came on Monday, another Tuesday, etc.  Here was our zone upstairs (I took the pictures with everyone’s cameras.)


President had the conferences in the main floor chapel from 11-1:30.  The APs had some training thoughts about the attributes of Christ (which our President has been having us study this past month from the Preach My Gospel Manual).  The Zone Leaders then presented their training.  In our session, Elder Felsted, then gave a talk on the spiritual side of our Christmas celebrations.  (President Smith had a Senior Missionary do this from each zone.)  Sister Smith related the story of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day to the hope we feel in Christ.  President Smith is always positive and showed us how the missionaries are working hard, but need to work harder – especially with our new baptism goals for the new year.  We will have 25 additional new missionaries (16 Sisters and 9 Elders) coming to Hungary in the spring (more might come after the school year), which will increase our total missionaries from 110 to 135, so we are hoping to step up to these higher goals.

( had taken wonderful notes of all the talks on my new iPad app, Daily Notes; but lost them in a what-do-I-do-now moment… even President Smith could not retrieve them…  But I learned how to retrieve them if that ever happens again…)

Sister Smith was in charge of the FOOD and other activities.  She had a wonderful chicken dish, which she did in crock pots, rice and senior couples from that zone brought vegetables and desserts.  (We volunteered to bring dessert on our day and wanted to make enough chocolate chips for each missionary to get several, so we ended up making 4 batches of the Toll House recipe.  I made them and Ron cooked them.  We had enough for an after-Institute treat that same day!)  Sister Carpenter and I helped in the kitchen – getting the rice on in time, with setting food out and serving and things like that.  One of the YSA women came and also helped us by doing all the dishes every day!  (I forgot to take any pictures of the eating part, which was in our 2nd floor center recreation room).

After lunch, a missionary year end CD slide show was played, showing all the missionaries in various moments during the year.  Each missionary was given one of those CDs plus an EFY 2012 CD that was done in Magyar with local talent!!!  Next the zone went up to the Mission Home apartment and played games, like Christmas Bingo, Christmas charades, figuring out Christmas carol lyrics from crazy hints – some of these kids need their vocabularies enlarged – they did not know the word quadruped (and a few others!!!), white elephant gift exchange (see below)

IMG_2634anonymous gifts for the missionaries and even a visit from Santa!

IMG_2643He looks a bit SKINNY, though…

The white elephant gift that Elder B got was wrapped in ties!  (I hear that some of the Elders buy a “bag” of ties while on their mission…)

IMG_2648All in all, it was a spiritually uplifting and, also, a fun time for the missionaries to be together as a zone – in the mission home!  Sort of a pre-Christmas Christmas…

I enjoyed meeting some of the missionaries that we had not met yet and visiting with the other Senior Missionaries.



  1. We received the zone Christmas card. Great idea. It is nice to hear the details of the Christmas party. Our son, Christensen Elder, is wearing the Santa had on the couch. We can’t wait to talk to him on Christmas. It will be the best present! Thank you for all you are doing to take care of the missionaries and the Hungarian people. Merry Christmas. P.S. If the oppotunity presents itself please give Andy a hug from us. Thanks.

    1. If you send me your email address, I will send some pictures taken today (WED, Jan 16) of your son with his new companion…

  2. BTW, Elder Christensen is in our Pest Ward – or the International Ward, as it is also called. We have come to love the members there, although we only interact with them on the Sundays we are there. One of the things I love about our Church: instant friends where-ever you are!

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