Holiday Service Project

While Adri was on her mini-mission, the Humanitarian Senior Missionaries, started buying some material for making blankets for a homeless shelter in Szeged.  The Adams and their YSA and ward had found this shelter and asked what did they need.   Our YSA kids were looking for a service project to do in Budapest, but I said we could make 25 of these blankets for the Szeged project, while we tried to find someone here to help.  With our large group, making 25 blankets went fairly fast.  Our family makes these every year at our annual Felsted Christmas gathering for the Primary Children’s Hospital so I was familiar with the process.

IMG_2551Well, as soon as we finished, one of our YSA found a hospital that would allow us to make blankets for them and deliver them, sing some Christmas carols and deliver some Clementines.  So we asked the Humanitarian Missionaries to see if we could get our project approved.  It was and the Wiggins went off to buy some more fabric for 50 blankets – these were too be smaller than the ones we did before.

Here is Feri finishing up one of the last blankets for our project:

IMG_2588So Saturday, Dec 15, 2012 was our planned day to deliver the blankets to a children’s hospital in District 8 in Pest.  We had 9 YSA signed up to meet at our center at 9 AM – 5 showed up and Feri met us there; the Wiggins, the Felsteds and Rita, the Stake Humanitarian Specialist who spoke both Hungarian and English!!! (we cannot stress how important that is!).  It was sleeting a bit, so the Wiggins called taxis and they took us to the door of the clinic.  Eva, who had arranged the project, was to meet us there.  She did not but luckily for us, we had RITA!

IMG_2597Here we are on the steps at the entrance door, with our shopping bags with 50 blankets.  Rita is on the extreme right.

A nurse came and asked us what we needed.  None of us brought the name of the nurse that Eva had mentioned, because we assumed she would be there to do the talking for us.  But Rita explained to this nurse, and she made some calls and took us to three separate areas where children were being treated for various maladies.

IMG_2598Here we are waiting in one of the hallways.  (The YSA in a suit is in medical school and plans to go on a mission after he has completed his second year.)

IMG_2599Above:  one of the young patients and his mother.  This girl with her father, was in the bed next to the mom and the baby in the above picture. There were 3-4 beds in this room, kids of various ages.  We let them pick out the blanket that they wanted.

IMG_2603Here is another area we were in… We sang a few songs at each area.  There are some Hungarian Christmas songs in their Hymnal, that are not in ours…

IMG_2604Many of the children in this hospital were home for the weekend.  Both their parents work so they cannot care for them during the week and they are allowed home on the weekends.  We were there about one hour. I think the YSA were touched by this activity – I know that I was.  We need more service projects!  Maybe the Felsteds need to help the YSA find some other places to serve.

We then we traveled on the Metro (underground subway) under the Danube and back to Buda and to our center, where we had homemade cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate.


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