Off to Szeged

On Saturday, the 17th of November, we traveled down to Szeged, to spend the night with the MLS/YSA missionaries there, the Adams.  It is about 2+ hours south from us and very near the border of Serbia and Romania.  We had to do some Saturday stuff and they were returning from a YSA conference in Debrecsen, so we did not plan on getting there too early.  As it was, we wandered around in Pest LOST for one hour (another posting will be coming on an important item to foreign travel – the GPS).  Our left-behind-in-the-filing-cabinet-GPS kept trying to take us back home and after about the 3rd time of finding a way off the road towards a bridge across the Danube, we gave up and figured out which road to take to get out of the city.

Meanwhile, the Adams had bought a new GPS but forgot to program it with certain features (like NO FERRIES) and ended up at a closed ferry to get into their town, so they did not arrive in Szeged until about 7:30 PM and we arrived shortly there-after. (After a few phone calls to figure where we were – on the outskirts of their town.)  Once we got to the street the ward building was on – which had been programed into the here-before-mentioned GPS – we had to call the Adams and say come get us PLEASE.

Once we got settled into their VERY NICE apartment, with large living room, fairly modern kitchen and the study that had a couch that made into a bed for visitors, they took us to downtown Szeged.  It was around the corner from their apartment but we drove around briefly first.  Then we went to a very nice restaurant and they treated us to a fabulous meal.  I wish I had taken a picture of the descriptions (in Hungarian English) of the food that was in the menu.  You kind of got the idea of what the food was.  Like our dish supposedly had crab – but no crab but shrimp?  It was delicious even if the description was not too accurate!

The Szeged Water Tower
The Szeged Water Tower – picture thanks to Adams Elder

Our reason to go to Szeged was to give talks in their branch – not so little, actually!  (But I have learned that it can’t be a ward until there is a Stake there.)  Their branch building is a store front on a main street.  The chapel is on the main floor and other rooms are upstairs.  It is also furnished nicely with the light colored wood podium that we have seen in most LDS ward buildings.  I would guess there were about 30 or more who attend there.  Upstairs there is a YSA room with Ikea furnishings that are similar to those we have in our center lounges.

Szeged Branch Building
Szeged Branch Building

We gave our talks – the same ones we have used before – and I always choke up when I get to the part where I talk about the members being the pioneers in Hungary.  Because it is so true!  We sat through the Sunday School class – entirely in Magyar – although with my iPad, I could kind of follow the lesson on it.  Sister Adams is involved with Primary, so we left for home and decided not attend the third meeting.

I have to tell you that I have decided that being a MLS missionary is one of the hardest callings!  I am not sure I have the patience to sit through 3 meetings in a foreign language with no translation!  Not only that, but the Adams bring a lunch, and travel to another town, 1.5 hours away, and sit through two meetings there (also in Magyar, also no translation) and drive back home….  Talk about dedication and SERVICE!  (The Colledges do this also!!!)  Oh, my….  The Adams have ward callings and they also serve as YSA advisors to about 9 YSA.  Like I said, these kind of senior missionaries are way high on my admiration list!!!

Not too much time to visit the sights – maybe next time we go…


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